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  • Is it necessary to have bridesmaids?

    There was a time when having bridesmaids was just an accepted part of everyone's big day. Fast forward to 2021 and more brides are turning their back on this tradition in favour of not having a bridal party at all. In this blog, we look at why some people are choosing not to have wedding attendan... View Post
  • How to match jewellery to a wedding dress?

    Choosing the right jewellery to match your wedding dress often gets forgotten about until the last moment. When you’ve put so much energy into finding a gown, picking accessories can feel overwhelming - after all, it could make or break your dress. It might not be as tough as you think though; ou... View Post
  • What is the importance of having a maid of honour?

    So how important is the maid of honour? Being asked to be a maid of honour is just that, a real honour! Like the bridesmaids, a maid of honour is there to support the bride on their wedding day. However, the maid of honour (MOH) has the added responsibility of really being the bride's right-hand... View Post

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