3 things to consider for weddings abroad

If you’re thinking of having your wedding abroad, your head is probably already swimming with ideas of where to go and what to do. However, it’s best to take a step back and think about what preparations need be made, as well as how your bridesmaids and guests will have to dress. Fortunately, we’ve put together some tips for what needs to be considered for abroad weddings. 

Why have a wedding abroad?

Although having a wedding abroad comes with extra planning, it can be well worth it compared to weddings in your home country for a number of reasons. This includes:  

  • Great weather. 
  • Unique venue. 
  • Memorable experience. 
  • Sentimental reasons (memories, past holidays etc).
  • Combines wedding and honeymoon. 
  • Cost. 

Top 3 considerations for weddings abroad

In this post, we’re just looking at what to consider from a stylistic point of view. Of course, travel insurance, accommodation, and venue transport should all be on your mind with an abroad wedding, but our expertise lies in helping everyone look their best.  

New culture 

One of the most exciting aspects of travelling abroad is that wedding guests get to experience the culture of a new place. While this can be a great way to make the wedding a memorable occasion, it might interfere with the overall look and feel of the event. As such, it’s best to consider the themes of the event before you pick the location. This allows everything, including the chosen wedding guest outfits for abroad, to tie together wonderfully. For instance, blue wedding guest dresses can be a perfect match for a coastal wedding. 

 Daphne satin v neck dress in pale blue

Daphne Satin V Neck Dress in Pale Blue


If you are going to a wedding abroad, the chances are you’ll have to pack your outfit into a suitcase. As a result, it’s important everyone is aware that they might have to choose dress materials that don’t crease as easily. Or it could be that wedding guests and bridesmaids need extra time to prepare and get their outfit ready for the day. 

Additional events 

Wedding celebrations, especially those held abroad, don’t have to be just for a single day. Planning events and activities over a long weekend provides guests with some travel flexibility. Plus, this gives everyone the opportunity to make the most of their surroundings. It also allows guests to bring more personalised dresses to wear outside of the ceremony. Just make sure any activities fit within your budget. 

Need help getting ready for an abroad wedding? 

Maids to Measure offers bespoke appointments for brides and bridesmaids at our showroom in London. One of our expert stylists will be able to provide recommendations for where the event is taking place. If you can’t come visit us in person, our website shop stocks a wide range of dresses, accessories, and jewellery to complete your wedding look wherever the destination. Contact us today if you have any questions.