Misty Green Bridesmaid Dresses

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    Bridesmaid dresses in misty shades of green   At Maids to Measure, we want all colours of stunning bridesmaid dresses to be available to everyone. That’s why our misty green bridesmaid dresses are supplied at affordable prices. What’s more is that we stock a range of different greens to cho... Read more

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What colours go with green bridesmaid dresses?

    Green is a flexible colour that can be paired with a wide range of secondary or other primary colours to make a complete look. Common examples include neutrals, yellow, blue, and champagne.Read ‘Is green a good colour for bridesmaid dresses?’.

    What colour jewellery do you wear with a green dress?

    Warmer tones of jewellery like bronze work brilliantly with green bridesmaid dresses because of the contrast. However, both gold and silver will work as well to create an elegant look. Browse our accessories range for more ideas.