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Is pink a good colour for bridesmaid dresses?

Is pink a good colour for bridesmaid dresses? - Maids to Measure

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It can sometimes be the case that deciding the overall colour scheme of a wedding starts by considering what looks best for the bridesmaids. This can help the overall look of the event to be cohesive, while also allowing you to prioritise the appearance of your bridesmaids. This post examines how the colour pink can be used to great effect in bridesmaid dresses. 

Main types of pink bridesmaid dresses 

While pink is considered a very bright and vibrant colour, there are also more muted tones that can be used to create a more subtle effect. As such, pink bridesmaid dresses offer a selection of different looks which have seen fabulous success at weddings. This commonly includes: 

The appeal of a pink bridesmaid dress 

As seen above, pink is a versatile colour with many different tones. It also works well with a range of bridesmaid dress styles and material choices. Although this is just one of the aspects of the colour that makes it so appealing for weddings. 


Pink dresses can be adapted to fit within a wide range of settings and can therefore be suited to any season. For instance, a light pink bridesmaid dress can be brilliant for spring or summer weddings. Whereas deeper pinks and longer dresses can be better suited to weddings with a more formal theme.  

Daphne Satin V Neck Dress - Hot Pink - Maids to Measure

Ties into wedding themes  

Pinks and reds are the colours best suited to themes of romance, fun, and elegance, which often makes them a popular choice for wedding ceremonies. 

Flatters a range of skin tones 

Pastel pinks can be effective at creating a neutral tone that is perfect for complimenting different skin tones amongst your bridal party. What’s more is that these paler pinks can pair well with neutral secondary colours like greys and golds. 

Eadie Satin Cowl Back Dress - Blush Pink - Maids to Measure

Incorporates accessories 

A pink dress is an ideal vessel for floral designs and other playful accessories. Being able to choose from a range of different accessories can also help bridesmaids adapt to the specific themes of the wedding. 

Pink has been a bridesmaid dress colour that has been growing in popularity for a number of years. Read our past blog post ‘Why are pink bridesmaid dresses so popular?’ for more insights. 

Buy pink bridesmaid dresses online 

The Maids to Measure collection includes a wide variety of pink bridesmaid dresses to match the preferences of any group. Whether you’re looking for an airy summer dress or a stunning ball gown, our stylists are on hand to help. Our affordable range is constantly evolving to help us provide bridesmaid dresses you’ll love. Simply order a fabric sample to check how a colour will work with your vision. If you have questions, get in touch to chat to a member of the friendly team. 


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