Best material to wear for weddings abroad

Being invited to an abroad wedding is exciting. It makes the event feel extra special and you essentially get a holiday out of it at the same time. However, it can sometimes be easy for us to forget that going abroad means a different climate than we’re used to. As a result, bridesmaids should look closely at the type of material when picking out their dresses. In this post, we’ve put together some expert recommendations for choosing the right material for abroad weddings. 

Considerations for weddings abroad 

In preparing for a wedding in an abroad location, it’s important to ask yourself the following: 

  • Where is the venue? 
  • How hot and humid is the climate? 
  • What time does it get dark? 

The answers to these questions will help you choose a bridesmaid dress material. For instance, a wedding venue by the coast is more likely to be windy so hats and other accessories probably aren’t a good idea. Although, this could mean that a thicker dress fabric is better to keep the wind out.

Recommended materials for abroad weddings

Choosing the best material for an abroad wedding can be tricky. You have to tie your look into the themes of the event, the other bridesmaids, the venue, and consider your own preferences, all while in an unfamiliar place. You might already have ideas about your look, but using a material that doesn’t match up to the setting of the wedding can take away from the experience. 

Natural fabrics 

Natural fabrics such as silk are often more lightweight and airy, which is perfect for warmer climates. These fabrics can also combine beautifully with colours found in nature. For example, green bridesmaid dresses usually work well or, depending on the season, burnt orange bridesmaid dresses. 

Enya satin slip dress in sage green

Enya Satin Slip Dress in Sage Green


One potential problem with natural fabrics is that they can crease easily if they are folded for long periods of time. This isn’t so bad if the wedding is going to be quite lively and active. Although mixed fabrics will work better if you are going to be sat down often, especially before photos are due to be taken. 

Keep it practical 

Depending on the bridesmaid dress style you’re wearing, some fabrics just might not be an option. For instance, you can’t have a wrap dress without using materials that flow. You need to strike a balance between glamour and allowing your look to work in any setting. 

Bridesmaid dresses for wedding abroad events 

Preparing for a wedding can be gruelling process but we’re here to make it simpler. Maids to Measure offer fabric samples, so no matter where you are, you can test out how a material feels on your skin before you even try on a dress. Our stylists have helped brides and bridesmaids look and feel magical in locations across the UK and beyond. Get in touch to chat to a member of our friendly team, or book your appointment