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The best wedding guest outfits for abroad

The best wedding guest outfits for abroad - Maids to Measure

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Being invited to an abroad wedding is on the one hand exciting, but on the other it can be quite daunting. You’ll have all the regular outfit preparations to make but with additional considerations based on the wedding location, which is likely unfamiliar when it comes to weddings held abroad. It may also be the case that any outfits you’ve used for occasions in the past might not work or be practical in an abroad setting. This post contains our picks for the best wedding guest outfits to wear to abroad weddings. 

Advice to choose an outfit for an abroad wedding

Choosing an occasion dress isn’t the case of ‘one style fits all’. This is simply because every occasion will have its own themes, setting, climate, guestlist, and take place at a certain time of year. Taking all this into consideration when choosing an outfit for an abroad wedding can be a challenge, which is why we’ve put together the following checklist:

  • Choose fabrics that don’t crease easily – travelling with delicate materials can result in creases that ruin your look. Dresses that include synthetic materials are often more wrinkle-resistant.
  • Be respectful to local culture – your outfit should have features that fit loosely within the local traditions of the area. This might mean paying close attention to certain dress features, such as the neckline.
  • Check the dress code – it’s more than likely the event organiser has planned the dress code to fit into their ideal image of the wedding. The dress code is therefore your friend in helping your outfit work with the abroad setting.
  • Plan for the weather – it’s important to prioritise comfort in your outfit by making sure it’s appropriate for the climate where the event is being held. Choosing thicker materials or including a jacket in the look are both ways to achieve this for colder settings.
  • Versatility – abroad weddings typically feature a range of different occasions, from the reception to the ceremony to various activities. As such, it can be important to make sure your outfits can adapt to it all.


Our top pick wedding outfits for abroad

Maxi dresses

Long dresses for weddings abroad with light flowing fabric are often ideal for mild European climates. These dress styles can be highly effective at striking a balance between romantic and laid back, especially with the addition of a shirred bodice. If the wedding is extra formal, simply consider a high neckline or more muted colours.

Floral dresses

For beach or coastal weddings abroad, look no further than a playful wrap dress that features a floral pattern. This is a versatile choice that you’ll be able to get use out of back home as well. If you think floral patterns aren’t your style, even a bright coloured dress can serve the same function. Browse our range of pink bridesmaid dresses for inspiration.

Short sleeve dresses

Nothing screams ‘holiday!’ more than an outfit that combines a short sleeve dress with a hat and/or sunglasses. These dresses also work great with sweetheart neckline and casual footwear, the latter of which will be more comfortable. 

Wedding guest dresses for any occasion

At the end of the day, the best guest dress to wear to an abroad wedding will depend on the occasion and what works for you. Appealing to both of these factors can be challenging, but with the help of our stylists you can find the perfect outfit. The Maids to Measure team are seasoned experts in styling for bridesmaid dresses and wedding guest outfits. In you’re in doubt, book an appointment at our showroom for advice on materials, styles, accessories, and more.


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