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The best dresses to wear to a Greek wedding

The best dresses to wear to a Greek wedding - Maids to Measure

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If you’re in the position where you’ve been asked to be a bridesmaid at a Greek wedding, congratulations! Grecian weddings are relatively well known thanks to a few cheesy films, namely ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’. However, the reality of a Greek wedding is a little different so it’s important you prepare your outfit ahead of time. Fortunately, this post is here to help guide you. 

Dress code for a Greek wedding 

The first thing to be aware of when it comes to Greek weddings is that they tend to be all-inclusive affairs. This means you should expect lots of food, drink, and traditional activities over the course of a few days. So while the dress code will still be set by the bride and groom, it’s often best to choose an outfit that can handle the event. It can also be best to have multiple outfits at your disposal so you’re ready for anything. 

That being said, Greek weddings are usually very lavish and so warrant the wearing of very formal outfits. Think flowing full-length gowns and tasteful accessories. This is especially true if you’re attending an Orthodox Greek wedding, as you’ll probably spend a lot of time inside the church. Although a dress change is acceptable for the evening part of the festivities. The colour palate can vary but it’s likely not to stray too far away from neutrals and pastels to stay formal. 

Best dresses to wear to a Greek wedding 

These dresses should strike the balance between formal and summery, while still being comfortable enough to handle the activities of a Greek wedding. Our bridesmaid dress recommendations include: 

Whether you’re in the process of planning your wedding in Greece or you need to decide on your dress, it’s important that everyone knows what themes they are working towards. As we’ve mentioned, there are many traditions that could influence what is the perfect Grecian bridesmaid dress or wedding guest dress. The following picks are designed to give you a range of options that lean into some of the common themes of Greek weddings. 

Daphne Satin V Neck Dress 

The Daphne dress is a stunning dress featuring a button-down front, central split at the knees, and long flute sleeves. The latter can be useful for making sure you’re covered up at an Orthodox ceremony. 

Daphne Satin V Neck Dress - Forest Green - Maids to Measure


Jemima Satin Cape Sleeve Dress  

The Jemima dress features a rounded neckline, coupled with the soft frills and fluttering cape sleeves, which helps create a romantic and elegant appearance. 

Jemima Satin Cape Sleeve Dress - Champagne Ivory - Maids to Measure


Margot Satin Wrap Dress 

The Margot dress is a flattering bridesmaid dress style which features lots of fabric so you can stay cool while moving around. Its medium weight allows it to hang perfectly for pictures as well.  

Margot Satin Wrap Dress - Lilac - Maids to Measure

Cleo Satin Dress 

The Cleo style is the epitome of uncomplicated. The skirt cut creates a wonderful silhouette, while the V neck and cape sleeves add a little character to the look. It’s practical too, as most regular bras can be worn with it. 

Cleo Satin Dress - Champagne NEW! - Maids to Measure

Bridesmaid dresses for any setting and season 

Planning a wedding outfit for abroad weddings can feel like an inclusive holiday. It’s just important to remember that the setting of the event will play a big part in your experience. In the case of Greek weddings, sticking to tradition and focusing on practicality are musts. Equally, you want to make sure your outfit fits within the bride’s vision for the day. You can dispel any worries by booking an appointment at our showroom in advance of the event. Here, one of our friendly stylists will talk you through everything you need to know. Contact Maids to Measure if you have any questions about our shop and services. 





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