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Best bridesmaid colours for a wedding abroad

Best bridesmaid colours for a wedding abroad - Maids to Measure

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Whatever destination you are going to be holding your wedding, the colours adorning the bridesmaids are a major consideration. This can be influenced by the themes of the event and personal preference, but also the setting in the case of an abroad wedding. Here, the colours themselves should be enough to remind you of the event location. In this post, you’ll find our picks for the best bridesmaid colours for weddings taking place abroad.

The importance of colour at a wedding

Gone are the days of weddings that only feature a stark black and white colour palette. Read our blog on ‘Bridal trends for summer weddings 2024’ for specific insights. Instead, it’s now common to see bridesmaids sporting dresses in vibrant colour or even a range of different colours. This is because shades of colour within the bridal party can be used to:

  • Evoke certain emotions.
  • Compliment the wedding venue and its surroundings.
  • Indicate themes, values, or significance.
  • Appeal to a personal connection.
  • Make outfits eye-catching and memorable.

Best colours for bridesmaids abroad

Colour plays an even more important role when the setting for the wedding is moved abroad. Here, bridesmaids are encouraged to embrace the fun and adventure that comes with travelling to a different country. After all, abroad weddings are a great excuse to have a little holiday. With that in mind, these are the kinds of colours we’ve identified as the best suited to bridesmaids at abroad occasions.


Pastel colour bridesmaid dresses are the perfect complement for abroad weddings with an outdoor setting. Soft pastels are forgiving to a wide range of skin tones, meaning this option could be ideal for larger bridal groups. Light blue, pale pink, and dusty yellow are all examples of pastel colours that can allow bridesmaid dresses to take on an airy feel.

Eadie Satin Cowl Back Dress - Duck Egg Blue - Maids to Measure

Natural colours

When attending a wedding abroad, it’s important to celebrate your surroundings. This includes not only the people you are with and the couple at the centre of the event, but where you are. Identifying the colour palette of the wedding and matching some of the primary colours can bring great results. For instance, a heavily forested area should be met with green bridesmaid dresses or other earthy tones. Equally, varied shades of blue will help your bridesmaids look at home attending events by the ocean.


Purple is a regal colour that brings power and luxury wherever it goes, thereby allowing your bridesmaids to make a statement. This can work brilliantly for abroad weddings, which are already extra special. Lighter variations of purple are recommended choices for weddings taking place in the spring or summer, such as lilac bridesmaid dresses. This evokes both flowers and sunsets.


Neutral tones are perfect for venues with lots of exposed rocks or to compliment the sand if you are near a beach. Neutral tones offer lots of flexibility, as other variations like champagne or peach bridesmaid dresses can add sophistication and elegance to an abroad wedding. In this example, it’s because champagne is an offshoot of gold, which allows it to evoke themes of prosperity. What’s more is that metallic accents like this can catch the sunlight for a dazzling effect. 

Comfortable bridesmaid dresses UK

Colour, while important, is just one aspect of pulling off a stunning bridesmaid look at an abroad wedding. At Maids to Measure, we stock everything you’ll need to complete your outfit. This includes a range of bridesmaid dress styles, accessories, cover ups, jewellery, and more. We even offer fabric samples for delivery, so you can judge how a certain colour will look in-person. Please contact us if you have any questions.


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