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Is yellow a good bridesmaid dress colour?

Is yellow a good bridesmaid dress colour? - Maids to Measure

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Getting the chance to support your friends on their big day as one of their bridesmaids is beyond special. A colour we’ve been seeing more and more in the fashion world is yellow, and yellow dresses specifically. It’s looked stunning on the catwalk but does this mean it’ll work for a bridesmaid dress? That’s the question we’ll be answering here. 

Why choose yellow for your bridesmaid dress?

Yellow can be a stunning choice of colour for bridesmaid dresses. This is because it has a range of strengths that allow it to work well in various settings. The pros of a yellow dress include: 

  • Spring and summer weddings – similar to pink, yellow is a playful colour that looks fantastic when the sun is shining. This means it is also ideal when paired with light flowing material and open necklines. Both of these aspects mean even long yellow dresses are well suited for weddings taking place in sunny abroad settings or in the summer months. 
  • Positivity – yellow is widely considered a happy and optimistic colour. Bridesmaids dressed in yellow can therefore serve as a way for the group to bring uplifting feelings to the event and show support for the bride. 
  • Elegance – although often thought of as a less mature colour, yellow has a long history as a colour worn by royalty. Historically, saffron was used to dye fabrics yellow and it was only the highest quality silks that could retain the colour. Calling back these origins can allow certain kinds of yellow bridesmaid dresses to work incredibly at fall weddings. 

The Maids to Measure Yellow Satin collection 

At the time of writing, we have three beautiful yellow bridesmaid dresses available to order and try on in our showroom. These give you the choice of different bridesmaid dress styles – an Allegra, a Tilly, and an Enya 

Allegra tie shoulder dress 

With a cool and contemporary neckline, this yellow Allegra dress has an exceedingly flattering hang. The shoulder ties are also adjustable so you can make your look your own, while choosing whatever is practical for you. 

Allegra Satin Tie Shoulder Dress - Yellow NEW - Maids to Measure

Allegra Tie Shoulder dress

Enya slip dress 

This flirty slip dress is cut on a bias, leading to a silhouette that oozes fun and class. This is further complimented by the adjustable spaghetti straps and frill features. The scoop neckline is modest, allowing the Enya to look at home at a range of wedding events. 

Enya Satin Slip Dress - Yellow NEW - Maids to Measure

Enya Satin Slip Dress

Tilly high neck dress

The halter neck on this yellow dress brings a high level of sophistication and elegance to the look. The design sees success in all seasons and weathers, as well as being an ideal vessel for alterations and accessories. 

Tilly Satin High Neck Scarf Tie Halter Dress - Yellow NEW - Maids to Measure

Tilly Satin High Neck Scarf Tie Halter Dress


At Maids to Measure, our expert team know how to create a look for bridesmaids and wedding guests that works with any base colour. For yellow, read about the ‘best colours to pair with yellow bridesmaid dresses’. 


Things to consider for yellow bridesmaid dresses 

When it comes to crafting a complete look, the colour of the dress is just one element that has to work in harmony with the others. Firstly, it’s important to make sure the colour yellow fits well within the themes of the event and its surroundings. As mentioned earlier, yellow is often a very playful colour that’s well suited to the sun and venues with lots of natural light. Next are the accessories. Some shades of yellow can mask jewellery and other gold coloured features. We recommend finding pieces for your outfit that add pops of colour and shine in other ways. Lastly, if you’re wearing yellow for a spring or summer wedding with lots of outdoor activities, be mindful that dirt and spillages will show up. 

Find the bridesmaid dress colour that’s right for you 

At Maids to Measure, we want every bridal group to look their best and be confident in their outfit choices. That’s why you can request a sample of any fabric and colour combination so you can handle it up close. Then once you’re happy with a colour and bridesmaid dress style, book an appointment with one of our stylists at our studio. Here you’ll get expert recommendations that are designed around you, as well as the opportunity to see your dresses in action. Get in touch if you have any questions. 




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