Why choose a lilac bridesmaid dress?

Wedding fashion has come a long way over the years and within that time more and more colours have become popular options for bridesmaid dresses. When faced with so much choice it can be difficult for brides and bridesmaids to narrow down the perfect colour for the big day. Purple is a commonly used colour in various ways at a wedding and there are some compelling reasons why lilac bridesmaid dresses are a beautiful choice for any wedding, which we’ll be exploring in this article.

It’s versatile

One of the biggest advantages to a lilac dress is how versatile the colour is. It can be dressed up or down depending how formal the occasion is. Also, it can look amazing with any extra accessories you want to add or even be re-used for different weddings due to its adaptability to any level of formality and themes of a wedding.

No matter if the wedding you’re attending is indoor or outdoor, in summer or winter, is following a specific theme or not, a lilac bridesmaid dress will be the ideal colour for the day. If you’re considering a lilac themed wedding but aren’t sure what season is right to maximise its impact, our other guide ‘what season is best for a lilac themed wedding?’ might be able to help give you some inspiration.

It’s flattering

Lilac is a naturally flattering colour on practically any body shape and size, making it an ideal choice for bridesmaid dresses. If you know you want all your bridesmaids to be dressed in the same colour but are concerned about finding a colour that they will all feel comfortable and beautiful in, lilac should definitely be a consideration, especially if you have a larger group of bridesmaids. With so many opinions and preferences it can be difficult to get everyone to agree on a dress style and colour, but one of the reasons lilac is so popular is because it looks good on various skin tones and accentuates the figure.

It’s feminine and romantic

Colours conjure up different imagery and have various connotations which makes it easier to determine whether they are a suitable colour for a wedding or not. Purple and more specifically lilac has a delicate and feminine aesthetic that makes it well-suited for use in bridesmaid dresses. Also, it has a feeling of romance and warmth that is great for a wedding that is a celebration of love between a couple.

Another good thing about lilac is it’s quite a unique colour, there are so many shades of purple that it’s not common to find the same exact shade of lilac at every wedding. It adds a nice touch of personality and individualism that ensures the bridesmaids stand out for all the right reasons on the day.

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