How to choose a bridesmaid dress for each season

When planning a wedding, oftentimes the colour palette you choose for various features of the day including the bridesmaid dresses, are influenced by the season in which the wedding is taking place. Whether you’re actively incorporating seasonal elements or not, the season is sure to play a role in some way and having bridesmaid dresses that work with the time of year will be beneficial for their comfort as well as ensuring they look amazing. In this guide, we’ll be exploring how to choose a bridesmaid dress for each season so you can get a greater understanding of which colours and styles will best complement the season of your wedding.

Spring bridesmaid dresses

Spring has long been a popular time for weddings, not only does the weather start to get warmer and lighter after a cold and dark winter, but it conjures up a sense of renewal as flowers start to bloom. Many bridal parties choose to lean into this with bright shades of greens, blues, and other light colours, pale peach bridesmaid dresses are a good example of a popular springtime colour. Also, floral bridesmaid dresses are a popular option in relation to the natural aesthetics with colourful flowers that match the location of your wedding. When it comes to fabrics, lightweight and flowy styles like chiffon are commonly used for weddings in the spring, due to the aesthetic they create and how comfortable they are to wear, especially on a warm and sunny day. Additionally, open back or halter necklines are favourable because they offer an elegant and breezy feel that works perfectly for a spring wedding. The bridesmaids can maximise comfort and looks with these springtime recommendations. 

Summer bridesmaid dresses

Summer is the ideal season if you’re planning an outdoor wedding, you’re more likely to get lucky with a nice, hot sunny day. This means the fabric and style of the dresses you choose will be even more important than with a spring wedding. The wrong type of dress could leave your bridesmaids too hot and uncomfortable, which isn’t what anyone wants for a long day like a wedding. Chiffon or lightweight silk are popular for summer weddings to ensure function as well as fashion.

Off the shoulder style dresses offer a romantic vibe that is also seasonally appropriate, showing off a bit of skin whilst maintaining a sophistication that is suitable for a wedding. If you want to mix and match or don’t think off the shoulder isn’t the right style for your day, you might want to consider open backs. They look modern and stylish with a lighter and airy feel that will help to avoid the risk of overheating.

When it comes to colours, there’s no better time to embrace the bold and vibrant than summer. Shades like turquoise, hot pink, and yellow are a great way to capture the energy of the season. See more tips for summer dresses in our other guide ‘top tips for choosing summer bridesmaid dresses’.

Autumn bridesmaid dresses

Autumn has a unique charm that has helped it become much beloved by couples planning their wedding. A significant part of what makes autumn so special is the warm and rich colours it brings which lend nicely to bridesmaid dresses. Consider deep jewel tones like emerald, sapphire, burgundy, and plum if you’re looking to capture the cosy feel of the season. They bring a tone of warmth and romance to the cooler season. In addition, the natural earthy tones of the season like taupe, olive green, and burnt orange bridesmaid dresses beautifully harmonise with the scenery.

As the weather starts to get cooler, you may be thinking about dresses with longer sleeves or ¾ sleeves to provide more warmth and comfort for your bridesmaids. Plus, longer sleeves add to the elegant aesthetic of a dress. High neckline dresses also work in this way, making them a popular style for autumnal weddings. 

Winter bridesmaid dresses

Winter weddings offer an unparalleled feeling of magic, but it’s important to choose dresses with comfort in mind as well as how they look. There’s no escaping the fact that winter in the UK is cold and often rainy. That’s why long sleeves, high necklines, and floor-length dresses are especially popular, offering better coverage and protection from unpredictable weather. Dark colours are often picked for this season to add to the wintery aesthetic. You might want to consider navy, dark mauve, charcoal grey, or forest green bridesmaid dresses to support your winter wonderland wedding.


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