Top tips for choosing summer bridesmaid dresses

Summer is a very popular time to get married for many couples and with it almost being that time of year again, we wanted to offer some key tips that we think can help brides and bridesmaids find the perfect dresses that both look and feel amazing on a hot sunny wedding day. There is a lot to consider when it comes to summer bridesmaid dress shopping, but with these tips, you should hopefully find the process easier and less stressful. Summer weddings are about bright, warm days and positive vibes and your bridesmaid dress shopping experience should be too. 

Take care when choosing the dress material 

When you and your girls are shopping for bridesmaid dresses, it’s easy to get caught up in all the dresses and colours you’re seeing and forget about something as important about the material, and it is very important – especially for summer and winter weddings where the weather is more extreme. There’s not getting away from the fact that summer is hot, and you’ll need to make sure you aren’t choosing a dress material that is going to be too thick or heavy for the girls on the day. 

Light materials that are soft and flowy are particularly beneficial as they will often be more breathable rather than clinging tightly to the body. Not only will this be more comfortable for your bridesmaids, but flowy dresses also suit the style of summer weddings – picture the bottom of the dresses catching a gentle breeze on a beach, it truly captures the feel of a fun summer wedding. This leads us nicely onto our next tip… 

Consider the venue and theme of the wedding 

The great thing about summer weddings is that they open up so many possibilities for where you can get married. If you were to get married in the colder months, you might feel more restricted to an indoor event to avoid bad weather but in the summer your world is your oyster! Do you want to have a bohemian wedding? Is it going to be on a beach? In the gardens of a country house? In the woods? Or maybe you’re planning to go abroad to truly maximise the summer sun.  

In any case you need to think about where your summer wedding is going to be and the theme you want to adhere to so you can ensure you choose the best bridesmaid dresses for the day. You might want to style the dresses and accessories in a certain way to reflect the theme or location, so getting the dress choices right from the start is key. 

Stick to a summer colour palette 

Deep wintery colours on a beautiful sunny wedding day are incredibly jarring and doesn’t really work in most cases. Summer is about bright colours that reflect the essence of everything that makes the season amazing. If you’re struggling to decide what colour your bridesmaid dresses should be, think about the location of your wedding and what colour elements you’ve already got in your plan. For example, pastel colours are practically synonymous with summer so you can’t go wrong with any pastel colour bridesmaid dresses whether that’s pinks, purples, peach, blue, green etc. 

We love peach bridesmaid dresses in particular for a summer wedding, it’s such a gorgeous colour that is guaranteed to look amazing. Keep in mind that all your bridesmaids don’t need to be in exactly the same colour. You could the girls in different pastel colours or slightly different shades of the same colour to give them a level consistency whilst also highlighting their individuality. 

Take your bridesmaids opinions into account 

Whilst too many opinions can be overwhelming, it’s important that the bridesmaids love their dresses as they’re the ones that are going to be wearing them on the big day. They might have even thought of things you hadn’t considered like choosing summer colours that will work with different skin tones, or avoiding a specific fabric that won’t be comfortable on a hot day. Their ideas and insights can be helpful in narrowing down the perfect dresses for your summer wedding. If everyone is comfortable and confident in what they are wearing it will avoid any potential tension and make sure the wedding is the happy day, it’s meant to be for the bride and her closest friends and family. 


Summer is a beautiful time of year for a wedding and with our help you’re on your way to finding the ideal bridesmaid dresses UK that will bring your summer vision to life. At Maids to Measure we have a wide range of stunning bridesmaid dresses in colours and fabrics that are perfect for a hot, sun-filled wedding. Explore our collections today and don’t hesitate to contact if you have any questions.