What is the most popular colour for a winter wedding?

Winter is a truly magical time of year for a wedding and has surged in popularity for many couples looking for the perfect time of year to get married. If you’re planning a winter wedding, you might be wondering what the best colours are to include in your palette. In this guide we’ll be exploring the most popular winter wedding colours to help provide inspiration, so you can find the perfect palette for your special day.

Forest green, black, and white

Dark, atmospheric, and bursting with elegance, the combination of forest green, black, and white will make for a stunning palette on a formal, classic, winter wedding day. Forest green is a colour that is consistently in demand for winter wedding bridesmaid dresses as it nicely encapsulates the feeling of the season.

Equally with the accents of black and white, which are iconic wedding colours, it helps to balance the forest green so that it’s not too overpowering or makes the palette look too dark. If you’re looking for colours that conjure up a typical winter feel and vibe, these colours could be perfect for you. 

Rose gold, burgundy, and dark wine

Sticking with the dark wintery shades, a consistently popular colour for weddings during this period is red. Of course, bolder shades have the Christmas connotations but the darker wine tones like burgundy are ideal for capturing a warm and cosy winter feeling.

The addition of rose gold lightens things up as well to create a sophisticated feel that fits nicely into a wedding. When it comes to bridesmaid dresses, burgundy is a beautifully feminine and flattering colour that is sure to be a hit with all the girls. It’s a colour that works amazingly in long bridesmaid dress styles, which adds an extra dimension to the winter elegance.

Dusty blue and blush

Winter doesn’t always have to mean darker colours and this crisp fresh palette of dusty blue and blush is proof of that. All shades of blue can work in winter time whether light or dark. A light dusty blue is ideal for adding a cool, frosty type of feel, which is a nice mirroring of winter weather, especially if your wedding location features snow, frost, or ice.

However, the blush pink is equally as important to balance the cool blue with an element of warmth and whimsical romance that suits your wedding themes. Blue and pink might seem fairly opposite on paper but when used in the right way, such as blue bridesmaid dresses and light pink shawls they can create a unique and beautiful winter wedding palette.

Rust, copper, and gold

If your winter wedding is going to be focused on a Christmas theme, incorporating classic colours in a natural way is the ideal way to achieve that. A nice bold red like rust when used with metallic tones of gold and copper create a warm, holiday season feel, which works amazingly for a Christmas wedding in a subtle way.

This palette is great for glitz and glam as well as romance, making your special day feel extra special. The benefit of these colours is that it can lean into the Christmas theme as much or as little as you want. If you just want a subtle undertone the colours can be used in a way that offers guests a touch of Christmas or go over the top with themed décor. Red bridesmaid dresses from Maids to Measure are the perfect choice for a Christmas wedding theme, especially when paired with gold accessories and maybe even a white shoulder cover.

Grey and silver

Grey has become a very popular colour for weddings in recent years. The various shades including charcoal, concrete, and slate are ideal for creating an elegant winter storm palette with splashes of silver integrated to add a mystical and romantic feel.

Combining the natural, earthy grey colours and the more magical and whimsical silver colour can be an impressive marriage of colours, themes, and ideas for a winter wedding. If you want an extra pop, you can also include a third colour such as blue, green, or burgundy to fully create a winter wonderland.


There are several different colours that are popular for winter weddings, it simply depends on the type of palette and themes you want to convey through the colours you choose. Typically, the most popular winter tones include forest green, burgundy, red, silver, gold, and more. If you’re looking for stunning and affordable winter bridesmaid dresses UK, Maids to Measure can help. Shop our wide range of dresses online today and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.