Best Colour Combinations for Bridesmaid Dresses

The perfect dress colour combinations can create an amazing look for your bridesmaid squad. However, finding what will work best isn’t a straightforward process. You might be set on a colour combination to fit your theme but when you see the dress in person, it just doesn’t work. This could be for many reasons, like the time of year or the main hair colour shared across your bridesmaids. 

In this blog, we’ll discuss what to consider when choosing bridesmaid dress colour combinations, where to start, and go over some examples. Hopefully we’ll be able to save you some time! 


If you’re struggling to decide which colour combinations will work best, here are a few things to think about that might help. The following aren’t hard and fast rules, simply guidelines that could lead you to your ideal palate.  


The time of year the big day can help inform the types of colours you want to show off. For example, bridesmaid dresses worn in the summer can work best with bright floral colours. On the other hand, the same dresses might look out of place at a winter wedding. This can be tricky to plan, as dresses will often be selected months before the event. It’s hugely beneficial  

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Wedding theme 

Dresses play a big role in the overall theme of a wedding. Along with furniture, location and other decorations, bridesmaid colour combinations help create a vibe. Do you want the mood to be more laid-back? Do you want to evoke a sense of elegance? Your chosen dress colour combination should reflect the values you want to get across. 

Similarly, the venue feeds into the theme and has an impact in colour selection. Think of it as another layer of combination. A wedding taking place in the countryside will feature more greens and browns than one in a more urban setting. In the case of the former, bridesmaid dress colours should be chosen to complement these natural hues.  

Hair colour and skin tone 

This will depend on your group of bridesmaids. Some colours, when combined with certain skin tones, can make the individual look flushed or washed out. Hair styles and colours are another consideration to avoid clashes. Talk to you bridesmaids. The chances are they’ve already ruled out certain combinations that they know don’t work for them. This is a great way to narrow down your list of possible dress colour combinations, while keeping everyone happy at the same time. 

Example Colour Combinations 

If you have a primary colour in mind but are unsure what to combine it with, why not let your bridesmaids decide? For example, you might pick purple as the primary colour and then each person will be free to pick a hue like eggplant or plum. This way the overall palate is maintained, while allowing individual bridesmaids to choose shades they’re more comfortable in. 

Without further ado, lets go through some of the tried and tested colour combinations we’ve seen work well. These choices can be applied to a range of bridesmaid dress styles to great effect. Sometimes a little inspiration goes a long way in the quest for the right colour palate. 

Pink and grey bridesmaid dresses 

A little twist on the classic blush colour choice. The addition of grey adds some sophistication to the look while remaining whimsical. This combination also allows for lots of variation when it comes to hues. A lighter grey and pink could work wonders for a spring event, for example. You then have the added option of shiny or pastel for each, meaning you can make this colour combination work for you. 

Black and cream bridesmaid dresses  

If you’re aiming for a look dripping in elegance, you can’t go wrong with this colour combination. An entourage dressed in black might seem outlandish but trust us, it can have lots of advantages. First, black is the most neutral colour out there so it accommodates any skin complexion. Black also allows your bridesmaid accessories and flowers to really stand out. Finally, a reserved colour combination like this means bridesmaids can use it for chic evenings in the future. 

Red and ivory bridesmaid dresses 

You can hardly ever go wrong with red as its hues can suit all seasons. It’s also versatile, able to flatter a range of body types and fit within an overall wedding palate. The ivory provides a great contrast without being as overwhelming as pure white. This can also help tie the bride and her bridesmaids together.  

Affordable and Stylish Bridesmaid Dresses London 

The best way to pick a winning dress colour combination is to try some out. By booking an appointment with Maids to Measure, you’ll get to browse and try on dresses at our showroom. Alternatively, our online shop has many bridesmaid dress styles all available in a vast array of colours. 

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