What colours to wear to an autumn wedding?

Autumn weddings are a growing trend that has gained a lot of momentum in recent years. There’s a warm and cosy feel about autumn that gives an air of romance and makes it the perfect backdrop for a wedding. When you’re planning an autumn wedding a key consideration is going to be the colour of your bridesmaid dresses.  

Some colours will be better suited to the pumpkin spice season than others, which is why we’ll be looking at a couple of colour options for you to consider and hopefully take inspiration from below. 

Blue bridesmaid dresses 

This might seem like a strange one, you don’t normally associate the warmth of autumn with blue. However, there are certain shades of blue that pair really well with the softer colours of autumn like neutrals and greenery. A gorgeous blue dress can really be effective in early autumn before the leaves have properly begun to change. 

You could throw in some neutral autumn colours like nudes and greys to add more traditional autumn elements into the mix. Also, adding in some burgundy can give you a nice pop of colour and boldness to stand out in the neutral palette. 

If you’re going for a colder aesthetic and reflecting the coldness of late autumn/winter navy blue bridesmaid dresses would be a nice choice. As well as this, a staple of autumn and winter bridesmaid dresses is a velvet material.  

Forest green bridesmaid dresses 

Darker shades of green like our forest green bridesmaid dresses beautifully balance with typical autumn colours, and when you look at it, you can’t help but be reminded of the lovely autumn weather. You can add in some soft peach flowers for that extra flare of romance, pumpkin orange for a strong autumn feel, or greenery for a truly lush vibe. 

If forest green feels too wintery, in the same way burgundy can when used too much, you can balance the darker green of the dresses by adding more bright neutrals and white to complete the autumn look. Another possible option is sage green bridesmaid dresses, which even though they're lighter, still have that element of warmth which blends nicely with an end of summer/early autumn feel.  

Blush/dusty pink bridesmaid dresses 

Again, most people will look at these pink colours and think more spring than autumn. However, the right shade and blushes can be really stunning in autumn. By this we mean deeper blushes with a dash of purple undertone, cinnamon rose or dusty rose. 

These deeper blushes will go perfectly with dark burgundy or red florals, and if the groomsmen are going to wear dark grey, a blush pink will complement the suits nicely. If you want to go darker with the colours, you could add some greenery in with the burgundy for richness. As we've seen, adding some sage can work well for early autumn too. 


What to wear to an autumn wedding as a guest 

Figuring out what to wear to an autumn wedding can be challenging, the backless and strapless dresses that would have been perfect in the summer will leave you shivering in the autumn. Also, the light pastels that suited the freshness of spring can look out of place as the leaves change. A new season brings a new style and new colours, especially for wedding attire. 

The best dresses to wear to an autumn wedding 

For a classic autumn look, you can’t go wrong with a rich jewel tone like fuchsia, sapphire, or emerald. Taking colour inspiration from the changing colour leaves and opting for an autumn orange, mustard yellow, or deep maroon is also a great option. 

If you want to go for a more muted look, a charcoal or caramel gown with the right accessories can nicely fit with the tones of the season. A sophisticated black dress is a versatile look that works well in the colder months. 

In terms of weatherproofing you could opt for sleeves or a longer length dress to stay warm throughout the day and evening. You don’t need to go with full sleeves if you don’t want, three-quarter or elbow-length options should be enough to protect you from the cold. Meanwhile, midi or maxi length dresses will keep your legs warm while still maintaining the elegant look. 

The best jackets to wear to an autumn wedding 

Showing off your shoulders may seem like a good idea for the daytime part of the wedding, but when the sun goes down and it goes into the night, you’ll probably wish you’d brought a jacket. 

A trench coat in navy, beige, or muted pink is a great choice as these timeless shades compliment a range of autumn colour schemes. You might want to choose something classic like a cropped jacket if you’re wearing a particularly girly dress. More adventurous dressers may want to opt for a more daring print, with polka dots or flowers. 

The best shoes to wear to an autumn wedding 

If you’re not sure how to finish your autumn wedding outfit, don’t worry, there’s a large variety of stylish formal shoes on the market right now. Heels in neutral tones like nude, beige, and white are extremely popular both for wedding guest outfits and neutral bridesmaid dresses. They nicely complete the classy wedding look whilst still letting the dress do the talking. 

Be careful if you’re choosing heels, especially for an outdoor autumn wedding as they could get quite dirty. Also, you don’t need to wear sky-high ankle breaking heels to look like you’ve made an effort. Mid, low, or even flat shoes can look good and be comfortable if you plan to dance the night away. 

Final thoughts 

There’s no shortage of options when it comes to the right colours to wear at an autumn wedding. At Maids to Measure, we’ve got a wide selection of gorgeous bridesmaid dresses UK in colours that will look amazing at an autumn wedding. Find the perfect bridesmaid dress for a seasonal look today.