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5 of the dreamiest lilac bridesmaid dresses for a pastel wedding

5 of the dreamiest lilac bridesmaid dresses for a pastel wedding - Maids to Measure

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A pastel wedding conveys a feeling of fun and vibrant playfulness that is ideal for spring and summer, and what better way to complete the perfect pastel wedding than with gorgeous lilac bridesmaid dresses. Lilac has consistently remained a popular colour for bridesmaid dresses for many years showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Trends come and go but if you’re looking for an elegant, feminine, whimsically romantic colour for your bridesmaid dresses that works with a pastel colour palette – lilac will tick all those boxes. In this blog we’ll be talking a bit more about lilac and pastel weddings before looking at Maids to Measure’s amazing collection of lilac dresses for you to choose from.

Why choose lilac bridesmaid dresses for your pastel wedding?

Lilac is one of the first colours most people think of when you say pastels, it’s light and delicate and holds its own amongst other bright colours. This makes it a great choice for an important feature of a wedding like the bridesmaid dresses. It is also a very versatile colour as it complements other pastel colours beautifully and works well in a pastel palette.

Especially with colours like peach and light shades of pink, mint greens, baby blues, and even other shades of purple like lavender and darker tones like plum. Pastels pair well with darker colours and are great for lifting deeper tones like if your venue features a dark wood.

With lilac bridesmaid dresses and your other pastels, you can strike a perfect balance between light and dark whilst capturing your personality and the light hearted, warm wedding you and your partner are going for. See our different lilac bridesmaid dress styles below to find the right dresses for your special day.

Our lilac bridesmaid dresses

Allegra satin tie shoulder dress

The Allegra is a new design from the Ego edit, which is part of our satin collection. It’s a sleek and contemporary lilac bridesmaid dress with a flattering square neckline, tie shoulders, and a shirred stretch back. You have the choice whether you want the tie shoulders to be tied to the top or back as well depending on you and your bridesmaids’ preferences. The dress is made from our high-quality matte satin which gives it just the right amount of sheen. Its medium weight makes it hang well without being too heavy or uncomfortable to wear.

Allegra satin

Daphne satin V neck dress

The Daphne dress is another showstopper from the Ego edit. It’s one of Maids to Measure’s newest and most popular dresses for its beautiful look and functional wearability. It has a button-down front with a central split at the bottom.

The elegant three-quarter length sleeves go nicely with the tie-back feature and a v-neckline. Bridesmaids can wear a normal bra with this dress and the buttons are an ideal solution for breastfeeding bridesmaids. Again, the satin is the highest quality and ensures the dress is flattering on different body shapes and sizes, especially when paired with the gorgeous lilac tone.

Stella satin

Stella satin slip dress

If you’re looking for the perfect slip dress the Stella can’t be beaten. Its refined and effortless shape has been very popular with our brides and bridesmaids. The modest V-neck is beautifully highlighted by the adjustable spaghetti straps which allows for easy wear. Also, the bias cut gives a sultry feminine mood with the low tie feature complimenting the back of the dress and the figure of the wearer. This dress is another staple of our satin collection so is comfortable and perfectly hangs thanks to the matte satin.

Stella satin

Tilly high neck scarf tie halter dress

The Tilly is one of our classic, timeless designs that our clients are obsessed with, especially in lilac. Made from a soft matte satin, the high halter neck is elegant and perfect for a more formal setting. It also boasts a cinched waist and neck tie back feature that completes the look of the dress. The Tilly looks amazing in any season and is versatile for a range of body types.

Satin Lilac Bow - Gigi & Olive - Maids to Measure

Margot satin wrap dress

The Margot is an incredibly flattering lilac wrap dress from our satin collection with its flowy cape sleeves and tie back feature. Comfort and practicality are just as important as looks and this dress can be worn with a normal bra as well as being made from figure-flattering matte satin. Another great thing about the Margot dress is that it can suit wedding guests, not just bridesmaids. So, if you’re looking for the right lilac dress for a pastel wedding, this could be the dress for you.

Margot Satin Wrap Dress - Lilac - Maids to Measure

Find your perfect lilac bridesmaid dresses from Maids to Measure and order online today. If you have any questions or queries don’t hesitate to contact us, we’re on hand to help you and your bridesmaids find your dream dresses.


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