What season is best for a lilac themed wedding?

Lilac is an incredibly popular colour for weddings due to its light delicate tones of whimsy and romance, as well as its versatility in being paired with a range of other colours to create the perfect palette for the day. Despite it being very adaptable to a range of different colour palettes and themes all year round, the general consensus is that the best season for a lilac wedding is spring, maybe pushing towards summer.

This is because lilac symbolises renewal and of course it shares similarities with lavender which grows in the spring. Lilac is the perfect embodiment of things starting new in spring after lying dormant over winter, which is a lovely message for those getting in married in spring and starting their new journey as a married couple.

How to use lilac in your wedding aesthetic

So, you want a lilac themed wedding, that’s great! It’s an amazing colour that is sure to make your spring/summer wedding memorable. However, when focusing on one or two colours to centre your theme around it’s important to know where to use them as it’s very easy to get carried away and make everything too overpowering in your chosen colour. With that in mind let’s take a look at a few nice ways to naturally incorporate lilac into your day without going overboard.

Lilac bridesmaid dresses

Choosing bridesmaid dresses in lilac is one of the best ways to tell everyone that it is your headline colour. It’s feminine and flattering so your bridesmaids can feel beautiful and comfortable wearing it and you can break it up with a secondary colour in the accessories, so you can create a perfect balance between lilac and the other colours you want as part of your wedding palette. Another possibility is to choose two different shades of lilac and either use the second lilac for your accessories or if you have a larger group of bridesmaids, half of them could wear a lighter shade of lilac and the other half could wear a darker shade. It is an amazing contrast and provides a nice way to break up the single shade of lilac.

Lilac flowers

What better way to celebrate spring than with beautiful lilac bouquets for you and your bridesmaids? There are many types of spring and summer flowers that go perfectly with lilac, meaning you can get creative and have bouquets that show of your favourite shade of lilac and pair it with other colours like a simple and classic white for that bright, elegant aesthetic.

Or you could use lilac with some light shades of pink flowers like blush if you want to be a bit more playful and go for a summer fun in the sun type of vibe. That’s the great thing about lilac, it can suit whatever tone or setting your wedding is in whether that is more formal or casual and you can achieve it in a simple way with your flowers.

Lilac table decorations

It’s important to take care when choosing table decorations because food can be messy and light colours will show up any stains from food or drink. Therefore, it might be best to go with a darker shade of lilac if you want to use it for tablecloths or runners.

Alternatively, you could just use the more subtle hints of lilac on your tables like in the centrepieces, serviettes, or candles. Pair this with a second colour like grey, green, or pink depending on your preference and the style you want to create, and you can have beautiful tables that will keep the guests talking.

Our lilac bridesmaid dresses

At Maids to Measure, we have a stunning collection of lilac bridesmaid dresses to match perfectly to your lilac themed day. Take a look at some of our favourite examples below.

Allegra satin tie shoulder dress

Boasting a gorgeous soft lilac, ideal for a spring or summer wedding, the Allegra dress has a modern square neckline, tie shoulders, and a shirred stretch back for a comfortable fit. Made from our high-quality satin, this dress has just the right amount of sheen and is very flattering on different body types.

Daphne satin V-neck dress

The Daphne is another part of our satin collection and has quickly become one of our most popular lilac designs. It has a classic button-down front with a central split at the bottom of the dress. The three-quarter length flute sleeves add to the traditional elegance of this gown, it looks amazing and is practical to wear, making it the best option for many bridesmaids.


Going back to the original question of this article, although lilac can work well during any season, it is mostly best placed in spring or summer. So, if you’re looking for lilac bridesmaid dresses UK for your spring wedding, we’ve got you covered. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.