Which bridesmaid dresses help the bride stand out?

One of the more nuanced challenges that comes with planning a wedding is choosing bridesmaid dresses that let everyone look their best, but that don’t take attention away from the bride on their day. This post is here to help you nail this balancing act and ensure everyone’s happy with the outfits on show.

What to consider to when choosing subtle bridesmaid dresses

As mentioned, you don’t want to choose bridesmaid dresses that are dull and boring but at the same time you don’t want to be upstaged. This can be achieved by following the checklist below:

  • Different styles – bridesmaid dress styles that share lots of similarities to the bride can risk you blending into the group. For instance, long flowing dresses with lots of material. You can still opt for a coordinated group of bridesmaids, just be aware that you’ll have to use other strategies to stand out.
  • Neckline – the neckline of a dress is one of the most eye-catching features. As such, just with the overall style of the dress, your bridesmaid dresses can help the bride stand out by letting her have the most dramatic neckline.
  • Embellishments – if your wedding dress has embellishments, it can be an idea to feature similar (but less extravagant) designs on the dresses worn by the bridesmaids. This both ties your group together and shows that your outfit as the bride is a step above.
  • Accessories – regardless of your chosen bridesmaid dresses, accessories like shawls, sashes, and head bands allow each bridesmaid to bring some of their own personality to the event. This also allows the bride to stand out due to the stunning simplicity of her look.

That being said, there are also certain colours which are perfect for complementing the brilliant white of the bride’s wedding dress. Below are some of our top picks.

Champagne bridesmaid dresses 

A neutral colour such as this is perfect for letting the bride shine while showing off the elegance to your group. Browse our range of champagne bridesmaid dresses.

Yellow bridesmaid dresses

Yellow might seem like a bold choice but that’s why it works so well for weddings that are aiming to bring an extra dimension of fun. This colour ties in brilliantly with the white dress of the bride and the black suits of the groomsmen. Browse our range of yellow bridesmaid dresses.

Sage green bridesmaid dresses 

For weddings with nature-based themes a deep green lets the bride stand out like a flower bud in the forest. Browse our range of green bridesmaid dresses.

Book a showroom appointment 

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