Which bridesmaid dress colours are best for winter 2023?

Deciding on the primary colour of your bridesmaid dresses is a massive decision. You not only have to think about the preferences of everyone in your bridal party, but also how the colour works with the bridesmaid dress styles on display and the venue itself. Another consideration is the time of year, especially if the event is going to be held in a setting surrounded by nature. Fortunately, below we’ve laid out our recommendations for winter bridesmaid dress colours. 

Winter colours for bridesmaid dresses 

Winter is a season characterised by dark skies, twinkling lights, pastel colours and saturated hues. These aspects all come together to create an enchanting time of year, and the same visuals can be applied to your bridesmaid dresses for the same effect. As with any choice made in wedding preparations, it’s completely up to you and your inner circle. The following colour suggestions are merely to help you get the most out of the big day.  

  • Emerald green bridesmaid dresses – a deep jewel green evokes dew coated grass and evergreen trees. This is an excellent choice if you are aiming to have regal and natural themes. 
  • Red bridesmaid dresses – red is a perfect contrast colour to any frost and bright lights that might feature at a winter wedding.  
  • Blue bridesmaid dresses – another popular jewel colour, dark navy blues and dusty blue tones are effective at evoking a clear sky on a cold winter’s day. 

Other considerations for winter weddings 

It sounds obvious but it can get very cold between the months of October and February, especially in the UK. This is only made more so if the wedding is taking place in a rural area due to lack of insulation from buildings. Heavier fabrics are therefore best for winter events. Although, we recommend trying different materials out as they may affect the bridesmaid dress colour tone. 

Another way to combat the cold is to choose sleeved bridesmaid dresses or additional accessories. This includes hats, scarfs, sashes, and more. These add-ons can be a great way to introduce secondary colours to your bridesmaid’s look. For example, a burgundy bridesmaid dress could be paired with a sash in burnt orange.  

Find the bridesmaid dress colour that’s right for you 

Maids to Measure stocks all the colours talked about in this blog and many more in our bridesmaid dress collection. This means when you book an appointment at our showroom, you have a huge range of colours and designs to choose from. We are dedicated to ensuring the bridal party at your winter wedding looks truly stunning.