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Unique bridesmaid dress ideas for a non-traditional wedding

Unique bridesmaid dress ideas for a non-traditional wedding - Maids to Measure

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Non-traditional weddings are becoming increasingly popular today as couples want to get married in their own way and not follow the same old traditional approach. However, this can sometimes make it challenging to find the right non-traditional wedding outfits to match the bespoke theme, especially when it comes to bridesmaid dresses. That’s why in this guide, we’ll be exploring some of the best unique bridesmaid dress ideas to pair with your non-traditional wedding style.  

Mix and match 

One of the biggest trends for non-traditional weddings right now is having your bridesmaids in completely different dresses. Uniformity in the bridesmaids is a staple of wedding tradition, but it doesn’t suit every couple or the bridesmaids. Your girls will all be unique with their own shape and size, meaning they might not all suit the same dress colours and styles.  

Mixing the dresses gives each bridesmaids the chance to feel completely comfortable in their dress, no matter the style or colour. If you want to maintain an element of cohesiveness whilst still being non-traditional you could link the bridesmaids by having the same hair styles or accessories. 

All-white dresses 

Nothing says non-traditional like having all the bridesmaids wearing white dresses. For a conventional wedding this would be a big no no, but if you want to create a unique and striking wedding vibe, all-white could be just what you’re looking for. This doesn’t mean that all the bridesmaids have to wear the exact same dress either, you can experiment with different styles of dress and shades of white to achieve a formal and glamourous aesthetic that’s very different to the classic wedding handbook.  

Neutral palette 

Mixing and matching neutral shades is a popular option for many non-traditional brides and bridesmaids at the moment. Not every couple wants a bold and elaborate colour palette for their wedding and those taking a non-traditional approach often go for more subtle and understated colours that are equally as elegant and impactful as their brighter counterparts. Whether you want your girls in a stunning champagne, pastel peach, natural nude, or anything in between, a neutral collection of bridesmaid dresses could be the perfect fit for your big day. 

 Daphne Satin V Neck Dress - Champagne Ivory - Maids to Measure

Daphne Satin V Neck Dress in Champagne, £150

Rocking it in red 

There are some colours that for various reasons are traditionally used for bridesmaid dresses, one of which is red. You can learn more about the history of red at weddings in our other guide ‘can you wear red to a wedding?’ but essentially if you’re looking for a non-traditional colour for your bridesmaid dresses, a stunning shade of red is definitely worth considering.  

It screams romance, femininity, and versatility, which makes it a great option whether your wedding is going to be a formal or informal event. Another benefit of red bridesmaid dresses is that they’re very flattering on different body types. Even if your wedding isn’t traditional, you want your bridesmaids to be happy, comfortable, and of course look amazing.  

Tilly Satin High Neck Scarf Tie Halter Dress - Burgundy - Maids to Measure

Tilly Satin High Neck Scarf Tie Halter Dress in Burgundy, £150

Full black tie 

Another colour that would typically be on the traditional wedding reject list is black. Black is one of if not the most flattering colour on any body shape, and it’s all about elegance and sophistication. It could be that black isn’t considered because societal traditions say it’s a funeral colour, but for the modern style weddings of today, bridesmaids can look out of this world in black dresses.  

Its unique, its different and for many brides it suits their theme perfectly. Maybe you’re going for a creepy Halloween aesthetic, or you want a full black and white wedding. Whatever the case, black is certainly not traditional and could be a great contender for brides wanting to break the rules.  

Tilly Satin High Neck Scarf Tie Halter Dress - Black - Maids to Measure

Tilly Satin High Neck Scarf Tie Halter Dress in Black, £150


Hopefully this article has given you some inspiration for unique bridesmaid dresses to suit your non-traditional wedding. At Maids to Measure we stock a wide range of beautiful bridesmaid and maid of honour dresses, so you can find the perfect dresses for your special day.  

Our dresses are designed with comfort and affordability in mind as well as looking good. Shop online today to find the right dresses for your non-traditional wedding and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.  


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