Top tips for having an outdoor wedding

Having an outdoor wedding can be a stunning and successful event with the right planning. Even though the UK weather can be unpredictable at times which slightly increases the risks, there are plenty of ways you can navigate having a wedding outside that can make it the perfect day you’ve been dreaming of. In this guide, we’ll be exploring some top tips if you’re planning an outdoor wedding to help ensure you can bring your vision fully to life. 

Book your venue early

Most couples exploring the possibility of an outdoor wedding will likely be considering the warmer spring or summer months. This means demand and competition is high for the best locations. As soon as you have decided that an outdoor setting is what you want for the big day, you should start looking at venues and get it booked in as quickly as possible.

Look for shady spots

If your wedding is going to be during the height of summer, you’re probably hoping to have the sun beating down all day. Whilst this would be great it’s important to check your venue area for shade, especially if some of your guests are older or young children.

Try and think about the time of day the wedding will be, as if it’s midday the sun is at its highest and your guests will be squinting trying to see during the ceremony. If you’re in a location where you can supply parasols that would likely be beneficial. If not, look at what is in the surrounding area that can offer shelter such as trees, a gazebo, or even a high wall.

Keep things simple

This goes for everything from your bridal gown and hairstyle to your outdoor decorations. By going too elaborate you run the risk of something getting ruined if the weather doesn’t go in your favour. Opting for simpler decorations shouldn’t mean compromising on your wedding vision. You can still achieve the look you want as long as it is properly planned for any weather possibility. Also, it can be helpful to have a contingency plan in place in case any element of the wedding is affected by the weather.

Avoid clashing with other events

Of course, you can have your wedding on whatever you day you want it to be on. However, for a summer celebration it’s important to keep in mind that many big events around the country are planned for the warmer months, especially sports. This can impact how busy certain outdoor spaces are as well as travelling on the roads. If you can, try and research any events that might be coming up around when you want to have your wedding and choose a less busy date to make planning as easy as possible.

Weather-proof where possible

This is a fairly obvious tip but making your outdoor venue has weather-proof as possible will ensure your wedding is not disrupted. No matter how reliable the summer months usually are, there is always the chance you could get caught in a downpour or high winds. It’s always advisable to have an alternative or back up venue if your original outdoor setting is impractical.

Prepare your wedding guests

You wouldn’t spend all day in the hot sun without dressing appropriately, having regular access to water, and staying protected with sun cream and insect repellent, and your guests shouldn’t either. Make sure everyone attending your wedding knows how to prepare for the day, if they need specific footwear to make it easier to access the area etc.

This applies to your bridal party too. When shopping for bridesmaid dresses you will want to make sure that your girls are comfortable as well as looking amazing. Light and bright colours are popular for summer weddings, especially light green bridesmaid dresses for weddings that are themed around nature and set in a potentially woodland location.

Organise suitable catering

If your wedding is going to be completely outside, you’ll need to ensure you find a caterer that is experienced in outdoor events. In recent years, festival style outdoor weddings have soared in popularity, featuring food trucks, mobile pizza ovens, ice cream vans and more. There are many options to choose from and planning an outdoor wedding gives you more flexibility on the food and drink options you and your guests will want.


Those are our top tips for planning an outdoor wedding, we hope you’ve found them useful in making your wedding magical. If you’re ready to shop for bridesmaid dresses that are perfect for an outdoor wedding, Maids to Measure can help. We stock a wide range of stunning bridesmaid dresses UK, so you’re sure to find the right dresses that will make your girls look and feel beautiful on the big day. Shop online today and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.