Popular spring colour palettes for 2024

If you’re planning a spring wedding in 2024, or a future year, it’s important to consider the colour palette. This season is one of change, which brings with it a host of different colours depending on the surroundings of the event. As such, there are many colour palettes which are proving popular, and this gives brides a great deal of flexibility when choosing the colours that will define their big day. Below, we’ve created a list of the most popular spring colour palettes emerging in 2024 and how you can make these work for your bridesmaids.

What to consider for a spring wedding

Spring typically, well… springs roughly from March and lasts until close to the end of May. At this time, we start to see the temperature rise, accompanied by new buds of flowers and clearer skies starting to emerge. As a result, this is a time where outdoor weddings become a more viable option again. If you’re planning a spring wedding, you may therefore want to consider a venue that celebrates this blossoming of nature with plenty of outdoor areas and surrounding greenery. In addition, while it might be sunny, the temperature is sure to drop significantly as the evening goes on. Heavier fabrics and bridesmaid dress styles featuring more material could be considerations. Summer in the UK often takes a while to get going after all.

Spring colours for bridesmaid dresses

There are many options for bridesmaid dresses in colours that are perfect for the spring season. This includes:

Pastel blues

Deep blues and light blues are perfect for spring as they embody the clear skies that often appear during the period. This palette can then be accented with complimentary seasonal colours such as a dusty pink. Blue pastels can also achieve a great contrast in photos, when the bridal party is standing amongst the décor of the wedding venue. In fact, pastel bridesmaid dresses in many colours can create a lovely look at this time of year due to their subtle shades.

Light pinks

Light pinks or even champagne bridesmaid dresses are a classic colour choice between March and April. This soft palette creates a romantic atmosphere whilst also bringing a sense of calm to the event. Adding prints to this palette can take the look to whole new level as it’s an effective strategy for crafting unique floral bridesmaid dresses. As well as personifying flowers, dresses in this palette are ideal for weddings where there is a spring sunset or weddings that are taking place by the seaside. Feel free to go for warmer shades of pink if you want to lean into romantic playfulness.

Plain whites and greens

Spring is a ‘clean’ season with crisp air, clear skies and green grass. This essence of new life and new beginnings can be captured through simple white and/or green bridesmaid dresses. Whatever shade of green you choose will be effective at bringing a degree of elegance while at the same time connecting your group to the natural themes of the spring season. This is perfect for those who already want their event to contain these themes. It also means decorative elements like vines and leaves can be used to great effect throughout the venue in areas such as tablecloths.


Grey bridesmaid dresses paired with subtle colours such as peaches and very pale yellows is a timeless combination that can often work at any time of the year. This is because there is so much adaptability when it comes this colour palette. In spring time, light grey works best to emphasise the longer days, with the accent colour hinting at the summer months ahead. An added benefit of this palette is that it often combines very easily with outfits worn by the groomsmen, as well as venues that feature lots of exposed stone. 

Bridesmaid dresses for a range of seasons

At Maids to Measure, we understand that wedding planning for bridesmaids is never as simple as picking out a colour you like. You have to consider how the dresses fit into the overall colour palette of the event and the time of year. For instance, if you want to shop for pale blue bridesmaid dresses UK for spring, our collection contains dresses in shades of navy, midnight, light, and more. When you book an appointment at our boutique studio, one of our stylists will be happy to show you a range of colour palettes designed to fit the relevant time of year.