Best colours to pair with yellow bridesmaid dresses

As we move into spring and summer, the ideal colour palette for bridesmaid dresses shifts slightly. There’s still a lot of flexibility when it comes to choosing the colours that’ll look best on your group. However, it can never hurt to get recommendations. This is particularly valuable with bold colours such as a bright yellow. Luckily, we’ve put this post together to give you some tried and tested colour pairing ideas for yellow bridesmaid dresses for occasions in 2024 and beyond.

Why choose a yellow bridesmaid dress

Yellow is often perceived one of those tricky colours that makes some people feel a bit apprehensive. However, there are many reasons why bridal parties should have yellow on their radar.

  • It’s fresh – yellow bridesmaids dresses are great for spring, as they capture the light air and sunny days of the season. This also helps tie in the theme of new life blooming in spring, which might be something you want to focus on in starting your new married life.
  • Evokes summer – for the reasons above, yellow is a brilliant colour for those who want to embrace the feeling of summer at their event. Practically any bright shade of yellow will achieve this, so it still allows for some flexibility within the group.
  • Playfulness – yellow doesn’t have to be a colour that’s confined to the summer months either. If you want your winter event to be less traditional, opting for some yellow bridesmaid dresses is great for adding a splash of colour.
  • Easy to fit within a theme – choosing yellow as the central colour for the wedding makes your life a whole lot easier when picking out certain decorations. This is because it’s a common colour in many other areas. For instance, no matter what time of year you hold your event, there will be a range of yellow flowers to choose from.

Another benefit of yellow bridesmaid dresses is that it gives wedding planners lots of options in the form of different hues and tones. You might have a mental image of a bright yellow bridesmaid dress which just won’t go with the themes of your event. Don’t dismiss this colour as an option just yet though. A more subtle pastel or darker almost ochre colour could be perfect.

Colour pairings for yellow bridesmaid dresses

It’s very unusual for a bridesmaid dress colour to stand alone. It can work, but the best looks are often achieved by combining a primary colour with a complementary colour that makes the outfit pop. This doesn’t have to be on the dress itself either, it can be present in various features at the wedding. For instance, tablecloths, furniture coverings, or other decorative elements.

Navy blue

A dark shade of blue like navy goes wonderfully with a striking yellow to create a colour palette that’s both elegant and whimsical. It won’t be a big ask for the groomsmen to wear dark blue, and this combination can easily be recreated throughout the venue in decorations. Bouquets with yellow flowers and navy wrapping is a popular option. If you want to mix and match colours and styles between your bridesmaids, we also stock a selection of navy blue bridesmaid dresses.

Emerald green

Being next to each other on the colour wheel, green and yellow is a naturally harmonious pairing. The addition of the green brings a vibrancy that’s perfect for weddings set in the countryside or other rural settings. The top shades our stylists have picked out for this colour are emerald green, forest green, sage green, and olive green.

Sky blue

Choosing a mix of both sky blue bridesmaid dresses and pastel yellow bridesmaid dresses can be effective for leaning into the lightness of spring. It pays tribute to the cool air and clear skies that often dominate the season, while helping to create a sense of optimism.


It doesn’t get much more romantic than lavender, both in smell and colour. This pairing adds familiar warmth but also intrigue due to the stark contrast with the yellow. In fact, there are many variations of purple which can pair well with yellow depending on the shade. For example, a yellow and lilac bridesmaid dress would feature a very different yellow if it was paired with violet or plum.


For more formal weddings that are aiming for an air of sophistication, shades of grey can work wonders when paired with yellow. Groomsmen wearing grey suits with yellow ties or pocket squares is a straightforward way to tie it all together. Grey can also work well if your event is set in an old building with lots of stonework. 

Experienced UK bridesmaid dress fitters

At Maids to Measure, it’s our mission to help you realise your dream wedding day with bridesmaids that look absolutely stunning. This is why we’re constantly updating our online shop with new styles and exciting colours. We currently have a range of brand new yellow bridesmaid dresses in stock, which are available in multiple bridesmaid dress styles. This includes slip dresses, halter dresses, and shoulder tie dresses. Contact a member of our friendly team if you have any questions.