Could blue bridesmaid dresses be your 'something blue'?

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue... we've all heard the old English rhyme, but what does it mean? According to this much-loved tradition, each of the four items brings the bride and groom luck on their wedding day. In this blog, we'll look at arguably the trickiest of those items – the 'something blue'.

What does 'something blue' mean?

The 'something blue' is there to symbolize love and fidelity – a perfect combination for two people starting a new life together. Traditionally, brides have worn a blue garter, and if it also ticks the box of old, new, or borrowed, then so much the better.

Fast forward to 2022 and brides are more likely to wear blue in different ways, such as: 

  • Underwear
  • Shoes  
  • Hair accessories
  • Jewellery
  • Purse  

We also really like the idea of weaving a tinge of blue into your bouquet. There are lots of beautiful blue flowers to choose from – hydrangea is a firm favourite with brides, but iris and forget-me-nots (which mean true love!) are more than worthy of a place too.

There's no rule that says it has to be the bride that wears blue. It's increasingly popular now for brides to give this job to their bridesmaids, and some even go as far as creating a 'blue crew' or picking out guests that they ask to wear blue at the wedding.

Do blue bridesmaid dresses count?

If you're still undecided on the colour theme for your wedding or you've been considering blue for a while now, then this could be the deciding factor. Who better to bring you good luck on your big day than your bridesmaids in blue dresses?  

Blue is a particularly adaptable colour, from darker shades like navy through to cornflower and pastel blues. There is something to suit every style of wedding and season – in fact, you might even have difficulty narrowing it down. We've picked some of the top blue bridesmaid dresses from our collection to help you choose.

Midnight blue bridesmaid dresses 

Navy blue bridesmaid dresses and similar colours, like midnight blue and royal blue, are deeply sumptuous and rich – you might even say they have a regal feel to them.

These darker shades of blue are often associated with winter weddings, but they'd equally suit a formal occasion at any time of year. Like the Tabitha dress in midnight blue, a new addition to the collection at Maids to Measure. This elegant dress with its flattering halter-neck and floor-length chiffon skirt can be worn again and again.

Dark navy bridesmaid dresses make the perfect 'something blue', but if you're looking for something a little lighter then consider a pastel blue or dusty blue instead.

Pastel blue bridesmaid dresses

Cornflower blue bridesmaid dresses are a romantic choice for spring/summer weddings. This lighter shade of blue feels at home in the warmer months when the long summer days are creeping back in and there is a feeling of optimism in the air.

We love the full range of pastel blue dresses at Maids to Measure, but one of our favourites is the Queenie cloud blue dress. It has a classic shape with a modern twist, and its frill capped sleeves and button-down front are effortlessly elegant. But the real stand-out feature is the on-trend slash-back detailing.  

For something that ticks the box of 'something blue' without going all-in, consider opting for a shade that has a grey tint – slate blue bridesmaid dresses are a great example.

Blue accessories for your bridesmaids

Blue is not everyone's favourite colour, so if you don't want your bridal party to wear blue but you'd like to include a subtle nod to the colour somewhere in the line-up, we recommend looking for blue accessories.

Our padded cloud blue velvet head band is not only a must-have accessory for 2022, but it's the perfect finishing touch for a bridesmaid or flower girl.  You could also consider a: 

  • Pendant necklace or earrings with a blue gemstone
  • Blue pomander if it fits with the theme
  • Cover-up or shawl in cloud blue
  • Blue hairpin, slide or other hair accessories

Your 'something blue' doesn't have to be worn by a bridesmaid. A growing number of brides are asking guests to wear something blue, including their grandparents or even a friend who didn't quite make the cut when they were picking their bridesmaids.

You don't have to go all out with a full 'blue crew', but selecting one or two people is a great way of including someone and making them feel special. And don't forget about your groomsmen – a blue tie or pocket square would work just as well.

Including something blue in your big day

When it comes to this traditional rhyme, our advice is not to get caught up in finding things to fit the bill. The more time you spend worrying about it, the more likely it is that you'll be your 'something blue' on the big day. Dressing your bridesmaids in blue is a great way of ticking this box, but, more importantly, it's also a beautiful colour.

For navy blue bridesmaid dresses UK, including midnight blue, and dresses in lighter shades of blue, we can help. Search blue bridesmaid dresses to see the complete line-up in this colour, and when you're ready you can order a swatch to be delivered.