Best bridesmaid dress styles for petite brides

It’s a fact that each of your bridesmaids will have different bodies with different proportions and features. To celebrate this, be sure to pick styles that accommodate everyone and let them look their best. If it means each member of your group must be given their own style of dress, then don’t shy away from going down that path for the best results. See below for our full list of bridesmaid dress styles we’ve identified for petite brides.

Considerations for petite brides

Choosing a bridesmaid dress for a petite bridesmaid comes with unique considerations and rightly so. You want everyone in your inner circle to look their best, which means playing to their individual strengths and planning accordingly. The considerations below offer a framework which you can use to save time when buying for petite bridesmaids.

Elongate the figure

Certain dress styles add valuable inches to the wearer’s frame creates the illusion that someone is taller than they actually are. Strategies to achieve this effect include:

  • Showing more skin.
  • Dresses with shorter hemlines or a thigh break in the material.
  • Dresses that are one consistent colour.

Accessories such as nude heels can be added to the look to further enhance the length of their figure.

Always go for fitted

A risk with petite bridesmaids is that too much fabric can make any dress look oversized and too billowy. Fitted bridesmaid dresses solve this problem by ensuring the fabric hugs the natural shape of the body. Fitting allows even flowing styles like a wrap bridesmaid dress to be used to dress petite members of the bridal party.

Mixing and matching

With petite bridesmaids, it may be necessary to choose a mismatching bridesmaid dress style. This enables each person to be comfortable, especially when some of them aren’t used to wearing dresses. There are many styles of bridesmaid dress that work well together, browse our full product range.

Adjustments might be made

The most fool proof way to get bridesmaid dresses to fit bodies of all dimensions is with tailoring. This will ensure each bridal party member has a dress that is unique to them. The only caveat is that tailoring can be expensive, so it’s worth discussing with the small members of your group first.

Read our other blog How to pick the perfect bridesmaid dress style for each body type for more insights.

Our style picks for petite bridesmaid dresses

Taking into the account the above factors, our team of experienced seamstresses have identified the following bridesmaid dress styles as being ideal for petite women:

  • Spaghetti strap bridesmaid dresses – the thinner strap allows for more skin to be on show.
  • A-line bridesmaid dresses – a flexible dress type that typically flatters most bodies.
  • V-neck bridesmaid dresses – a plunging neckline helps elongate the figure.
  • Micro-florals – these can fit perfectly on smaller frames to add a vibrant splash.
  • Short bridesmaid dresses – shorter hemlines add inches.

Shop bridesmaid dresses online

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