Why choose neutral bridesmaid dresses?

Neutral colours are a popular choice for many wedding palettes. These soft colours are flattering and versatile and have a timeless appeal, making them perfect for any season. This can help make things easier when it comes to deciding on your bridesmaid dresses. The wide range of neutral shades offer a natural elegance that can adapt to any theme or setting. 

We’ll be exploring the reasons why you should choose neutral bridesmaid dresses in more detail below, to help you get dress inspired. 

What are neutral bridesmaid dress colours? 

By definition, neutral means lacking or an absence of colour. So, nude, black, grey, and various shades of white including cream bridesmaid dresses. However, it’s important to remember that neutrals do have an undertone. This means they have a secondary hidden colour, that’s less noticeable than the mass colour.  

A few good examples of this are our champagne bridesmaid dresses and our peach gowns that has a light pink undertone. 

Understanding and identifying undertones is important because you can then aim to complement the undertones that are found in your primary neutrals. This will help you create a more cohesive and aesthetically pleasing look for your bridesmaids and how their dresses fit in the overall colour schemes of the wedding and setting. A general rule of thumb is to pair warm neutrals with warm colours and cool neutrals with cool colours. 

Classy champagne bridesmaid dresses 

A bubbly yet understated shade, champagne is a fun colour for brides who are looking for a unique and boho look for their bridal party. The colour shares similarities to the drink in your glass, light, and buttery, with subtle brown undertones. 

If you’re thinking about what colours to pair champagne with, you could lean further into the brown tones and keep the palette very warm. With a stunning bouquet of brown and bleached florals and nude shoes your bridesmaids will rock this classy colour. Champagne dresses are extremely popular and are sure to be a stunning feature of the wedding that you'll be glad you went for.  

Champagne can seem like a daunting choice but if you decide its right for your bridesmaid dresses you certainly won’t be disappointed. Spring and summer weddings in particular go hand in hand with this colour. You'll find champagne beautifully highlights the yellow tones from the warm environment around you. It strikes the perfect balance between on-trend and timeless. 


Shades of grey bridesmaid dresses 

Grey neutral bridesmaid dresses scream sophistication and elegance. Lighter shades of grey often suit darker skin tones, whilst paler skin tones often work better with darker shades of grey. 

Lighter shades of grey often give the appearance of blue-green undertones, which makes bridesmaid dresses in this shade especially adaptable. Pair light grey with a mix of nude and dusty green colours for an earthy and ethereal aesthetic. It’s a great option if you’re looking for a more understated look for your bridesmaids, but don’t be afraid to add at least one rich shade in the palette to add extra depth.  

Another reason to love light grey is that because it’s a true neutral it can look both casual and formal. Pairing it with lighter, clean colours will create a more formal vibe, whilst a casual feeling can be created by sticking with duskier tones. 

Dark grey is ideal for creating a gradient palette that looks very natural and it has a slightly cooler tone which makes it’s a good choice to pair with colours like silver and white. Another possibility is to mix in a dusty shade if you’re having a moody beach wedding. 


Red carpet style cream bridesmaid dresses 

If you’re looking for a celebrity wedding vibe, then cream bridesmaid dresses are the ideal choice to both complement your gown and create a highly opulent atmosphere. Cream is not a traditional choice as in the past anyone else but the bride wearing white was frowned upon. 

Nowadays however, there’s nothing wrong with making the more bold and less traditional choices, and cream is an amazing colour when it comes to flattering any type of figure. Imagine your bridal party all glammed up in cream gowns and with the addition of faux fur shawls, you could have the perfect romantic winter wedding aesthetic and the photos would be amazing. 

Final thoughts 

When you choose neutral colours for your bridesmaid dresses, you’ll be able to easily coordinate them with the other important elements of your wedding to create a consistent and seamless theme. Also, they give you a strong foundation to play around with your colours, there’s no limitations like with brighter colours. 

You can match any accessories and bouquets without them clashing with the dresses and style them to any season and period whether you’re having a modern or traditional wedding. 

The above are just a few examples of the neutral colour gowns we supply. Explore our beautiful selection of bridesmaid dresses UK today to find the perfect look for the special ladies in your life. 

Not sure what neutral colour you’re looking for? No need to worry because we’ve got fabric samples available for only £1! This allows you to see the colours and fabrics to decide which one is right for your big day.