The best burnt orange bridesmaid dresses for under £200

When planning a wedding, there are so many details involved and decisions to be made, including colour palette. The colour palette you choose will play a key role in the overall feel and themes of your day, which means it’s important to choose colours that are right for you and your wedding. One colour that has become a top trend for weddings in 2023 is burnt orange.

In fact, Pinterest searches for burnt orange wedding themes have soared by 695% and orange dress outfit wedding searches are up by 285%, which the platform discovered by analysing thousands of search requests and pinned posts. Let’s explore why burnt orange has become one of the biggest wedding colour trends of the year. As well as look at the best burnt orange bridesmaid dresses you can get for your wedding for less than £200.

Why burnt orange for a wedding?

There are several different shades of orange and whilst some might have Halloween connotations it’s clear that there’s a lot more to this colour than meets the eye. Burnt orange has more of a copper sheen than a conventional bright orange and is great for setting a mood of cosiness and warmth. The depth of the hue also creates an elegance and romance that is ideal for bridesmaid dresses.

Plus, not only does it look stunning in natural settings like outdoor gardens and woodlands it also works for all seasons! Whether you’re having a warm summer wedding or going for beautiful autumn/winter aesthetic, burnt orange can suit your specific needs. Also, orange is in the top three colours that has mood boosting effects for people. This is due to it often being associated with optimism, creativity, and adventure, which make great adjectives for a wedding too.

Burnt orange bridesmaid dresses under £200

Finding affordable bridesmaid dresses can be challenging, especially if you have a larger group of bridesmaids. Thankfully, Maids to Measure are on hand with our gorgeous collection of burnt orange dresses to offer an affordable solution for brides and bridesmaids without compromising on quality.

Allegra satin tie shoulder dress

The Allegra dress is part of our satin collection and truly shines in our new burnt orange colour option. It has a modern and stylish square neckline with tie shoulders and a shirred stretch back, which has been very popular with many of our brides and bridesmaids. Also, the tie shoulders can be adjusted to be tied to the top or back depending on your preference.

The Allegra burnt orange bridesmaid dress is made from our high-quality matte satin. This satin when produced in the burnt orange tone creates a beautiful sheen. Satin is not too heavy either in comparison to other materials, so the dress hangs perfectly and looks flattering on any body shape or size.

Tilly satin high neck scarf tie halter dress

The Tilly is a classic Maids to Measure design boasting an elegant high halter neck, cinched waist, and neck tie back feature. It comes in our comfortable and sophisticated soft matte satin. This dress is timeless, seasonless, and with our new burnt orange colour option we’re sure it’ll continue to be a favourite with our clients.

Cleo satin dress

Another one from the new Ego edit in the satin collection the Cleo is very figure flattering. It features a beautiful v neck, cape sleeves, and a tie back and is practical as well looking good. Bridesmaids can wear a normal bra with it, and it has a full circular skirt that skims the hips. Whether you’re a bride looking for bridesmaid dresses or a wedding guest looking for a gorgeous and well-fitted dress the Cleo in burnt orange can suit a range of purposes.

Pandy satin cowl dress

The Pandy dress is from the Ego edit and has a sleek and contemporary design with the soft cowl neckline and flattering skirt that skims the hips. Like the Cleo this dress is bra friendly which is important to many brides and bridesmaids with comfort as well as style in mind. With the perfect amount of sheen and not being too heavy this dress is highly practical for a long wedding day. Also, the new burnt orange colour will be flattering and looking stunning in the photos.


If you’re looking for the perfect burnt orange bridesmaid dresses at a reasonable cost Maids to Measure has you covered. The collection of dresses listed above are all priced between £130 and £150 making them budget friendly as well as being well-crafted. Make the most of this warm and romantic colour and find the ideal bridesmaid dress style for your special day with us online today.