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  • Choose Green to be Seen

    Green is a wonderful colour to choose with its connotations of nature, growth and nature together with its association of luck and finances and the fact that its just darn pretty.Our most popular misty green wedding dresses now carries through our collections with the ever popular Elle soon to b... View Post
  • Pretty In Pink

    Pink is the ultimate 'girly' colour hence why it has always been a very popular colour choice when it comes to  bridesmaids dresses, think 'pretty in pink'. However the rise of the, colour-crazed, millenial pink generation has seen the want for light pink bridesmaid dresses sky-rocket and we can ... View Post
  • True Blue Baby

    Pink to make the boys wink but what about blue to make them blush?! Whether its labelled sky blue, dusty blue, powder blue or baby blue bridesmaid dresses, one thing for sure is that light blue is making a come back in the wedding world. It's the perfect balance between pretty and feminine withou... View Post

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