Pretty In Pink

Pink is the ultimate 'girly' colour hence why it has always been a very popular colour choice when it comes to  bridesmaids dresses, think 'pretty in pink'. However the rise of the, colour-crazed, millenial pink generation has seen the want for light pink bridesmaid dresses sky-rocket and we can see why! Pink is now considered a neutral and happily worn by men and woman alike. Brides often kit the ushers and family members out in pink accessories, ties, pocket squares to match the bridal party and it universally works for both sexes. No longer is pink restrictive and associated with Barbie or a pre-teen girl's bedroom(!), pink is the colour of love and  ALWAYS in season. 


Such a versatile colour, 'think pink' for a winter wedding, dusky pink bridesmaid dresses with silver or gold accessories, or that modern colour clash of pink and red, a blush pink dress with deep red roses, for a romantic, cool vibe. If you prefer more classic colour palette, navy blue and pink work as a more traditional combo or go for a plethora of pastels, pale pinks, blues and greens (perhaps in the bouquets) for the more whimsical wedding.  Whether its glamour, romance or a more rustic affair, pink works and here is a round up of some of our most popular pink bridesmaids dresses, so you and your bride can live 'la vie en rose'..


The Elle dress in Blossom Pink

The Heidi dress in Blossom Pink 

The Mathilda dress in Blossom Pink

The Lilly dress in Blossom Pink

The Queenie dress in Blossom Pink

The Tansy dress in Blossom Pink