Why are pink bridesmaid dresses so popular?

Colour trends come and go but no colour has the staying power quite like pink. With a whole rainbow of colours to choose from and the varying shades within them. It’s amazing to see that pink still features so strongly in weddings, even as fashion and time moves on. Pink bridesmaid dresses continue to be one of the most popular colours chosen for weddings and in this guide, we’ll be looking at why that is. First though, let’s look at the origins on pink bridesmaid dresses and their place in the wedding landscape… 

The meaning behind pink bridesmaid dresses 

Despite what you might be thinking, pink isn’t just a pretty colour. The wearing of pink actually carries a lot of symbolism and meaning. It can take on different meanings and represent ideas across a wide range of cultures and contexts. For example, in Japanese culture, pink is used throughout the Sakura festival as it celebrates the beginning of the spring season and signifies life renewing. In India, the colour pink is used to welcome guests as specific events as it acts as a symbol of hospitality. 

If we look at Western culture, pink is viewed as a feminine colour and one that conveys warmth, romance, and love. The great thing about pink is that the feeling of love it creates doesn’t have to just be a reflection of the marrying couple. It can act as symbol of the love between the bride and her bridesmaids, which is an important part of the wedding day as well. 

Keep in mind though, if you are wanting pink bridesmaid dresses for your wedding, there are many different shades of pink. You might think that one shade of pink is right for the dresses, but in reality, it clashes with the other colours and themes you’re using to create your wedding aesthetic. The scale of this colour can go from delicate and subtle to bold and bright pink bridesmaid dresses. So, make sure you see different types of pink to narrow down which shade will be right for your bridesmaid dresses. The possibilities are truly endless with pink. 

The power of pink 

Don’t just take our word for it. Many popular magazines and globally recognised names in the wedding industry have noted the place of pink as a popular bridesmaid dress colour. A good example of this is Cosmopolitan who, a few years ago, released a piece looking at bridesmaid dress trends that defined the last 30 years. You won’t be surprised to hear that pink was the colour that came out on top for seven different years – the most of any colour mentioned in the list. Not only that but their 2019 bridesmaid colour trends made it clear that they didn’t think pink was going to see a drop in popularity anytime soon. So far, they’ve been right.  

Choosing the right pink for your big day 

As we’ve mentioned above, there’s a lot of different shades of pink. So many in fact that it’s easy to become overwhelmed and stressed, which is completely understandable. How hard can it be to find pink bridesmaid dresses? Sometimes very, especially if you aren’t too sure what type of pink you’re looking for. To help you get a better idea of what shades of pink suit different styles of weddings we’ve added a few examples below. 

Informal wedding focusing on bold and bright 

If your wedding is all about fun and playing with the boldest colours, you should definitely consider shades like fuchsia, magenta, and hot pink bridesmaid dresses. These colours make a statement and will bring that playful and fun vibe that you’re going for. 

Outdoor garden wedding 

If the wedding is going to be set in a garden or an elegant outdoor setting that emphasises the natural beauty surrounding it, soft pastel shades of pink could be your go to. The light, delicate tones of tones like blush pink bridesmaid dresses work amazingly with the natural greens of the venue. As well as offering that feeling of whimsy and an almost magical and other worldly type of romance. 

Traditional vintage wedding 

Many brides prefer a traditional style of wedding that is more formal, if that’s you, you might be thinking that pink doesn’t really fit in with that tone. However, if you look at a soft rose or mauve hue that edges towards neutral more than pink you could find that it suits the style you’re looking for. These shades are incredibly elegant and classic, meaning they pair well with more vintage themes and add a timeless romance to the day. 

If you’re still not certain on that one perfect shade of pink, maybe more than one shade is an option? Mixing and matching dresses is a big trend at the moment with brides opting for different styles and/or colours for their bridesmaids. Having more than one shade of pink is a great way to maintain consistency amongst the bridesmaid dresses. But also giving each girl in the bridal party a bit more individuality. Also, if you can’t decide between a few different pinks it takes the pressure of the decision away by incorporating more than one. This is particularly advantageous if the bridesmaids are split on what colour pink they’d prefer to wear too.   


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