How to make bridesmaid dresses unique

Many modern brides want their weddings to be unique and are coming up with new and exciting ways to make parts of their day, including the bridesmaid dresses stand out from tradition. We’ve seen a lot of creative ideas when it comes to styling bridesmaids and their dresses, and we want to tell you about some of our favourites in this blog. Hopefully it might give you some ideas if you want to be different but aren’t sure how to make your vision a reality. 

Jackets and cover ups 

Most photos you see of bridesmaids are of them in their dresses, but it is becomingly increasingly popular to add jackets, shawls, and other cover up options. Especially if you’re having an autumn or winter wedding and it’s likely to be a fairly cold day. Also, if there is a specific theme you want to convey, jackets can be very helpful for doing that as they come in a range of different styles. If you and your partner like rock and roll music or just want to channel the film Grease for example, classic 1950s leather jackets would be a great way to make your bridesmaids stand out and work with the theme of the day. 

Jewel-toned dresses 

A great way to create a unique look for your bridesmaids is by having different jewel-coloured dresses. Navy, burgundy, and emerald green bridesmaid dresses UK for example are very different from each other which means they already stand out. However, they still all carry a consistent theme if you don’t want to go with completely different dresses that are unrelated to each other. Jewel-toned dresses are particularly popular at more formal style weddings as their deep tones convey a regal and elegant aesthetic. 

Different shades of the same colour 

Mismatched dresses are a big trend at the moment but if you don’t want to opt for completely contrasting colours there are other ways to be different. One way to go against a fully uniform look for your bridesmaids is by choosing dresses that are in the same colour but potentially different shades or styles. This will help you achieve a unique style as the girls won’t all be dressed the same but also you can have a certain mood and a connection between each bridesmaid. Using different tones in the same palette is popular with those who want all their bridesmaids to feel special in their own way. Or if you want your maid of honour to stand out from the other bridesmaids. 

Statement accessories 

If you like the idea of the bridesmaids having different dresses but want them to all look united in some way – a bold accessory is the way to go. This can also be beneficial if you have chosen simple dresses as a blank slate and want to add yours and your bridesmaids’ personalities and tastes to complete the look. An eye-catching necklace, hairpiece, arm garland, or even the style of the bouquets are examples of accessories that can be used in a very personal and unique way. No two brides or bridal parties are the same so an accessory that appeals and fits in with one wedding won’t for another. Think about the season of your wedding, any themes, or specific colours you’re incorporating and that will help to inspire some potential accessories for the girls. 

Going against tradition 

In the past, there have been colours and styles that were almost taboo for bridesmaids to wear at a wedding. If you’re looking for ways to be unique then it might be worth considering bridesmaid dress colours that other brides would never choose. Black, white, and rust bridesmaid dresses are a few examples of colours that aren’t traditional, and challenges outdated ideas of limitations on weddings. In today’s modern world a wedding can be whatever the bride and groom want it to be and that includes letting the bridesmaids wear a colour that they and the bride are happy with and fits in well with the themes and tone of the day – regardless of whether it is deemed “acceptable”. 


These are just a few examples of ways you can make your bridesmaids dresses look unique. The possibilities are endless and depending on the formality, aesthetic, setting, season, and more of the wedding day, you’ll be able to incorporate personal ideas that reflect you and your bridesmaids. 

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