What are the best gifts to give your bridesmaids?

Gifts for your bridesmaids are just one of the million and one things you need to plan, which is why they can be easily forgotten about or overlooked until the last minute. We understand how hard it can be to find the perfect gifts for your bridesmaids that show your appreciation for being an important part of your wedding party on your special day, but also won’t break the bank before you have even left for your honeymoon! 

That’s why we decided to do the hard work for you and put together some of the absolute best gifts for bridesmaids, taking away at least a little bit of the stress off your wedding planning journey. 

What are good bridesmaid gifts? 

Bridesmaid’s gifts have grown significantly in popularity over the years, but thankfully so too has the range of potential gift ideas to give to the closest women in your life. 

There is a common misconception that these types of gifts need to be expensive and extravagant, which puts an unnecessary amount of pressure on brides at an already challenging time in their lives. It’s ok to keep it simple! 

You might want to opt for a personalised card, a box of luxury chocolates, a bridesmaid robe, or sash to make getting ready for the wedding even more exciting. Some simple, matching pieces of bridesmaid jewellery can also be a thoughtful gesture that can not only make a nice gift but also compliment your bridesmaid dresses and provide stunning finishing touches that can make all the difference on your big day. 

The below are just a few examples of potential bridesmaid gift ideas that provide a sweet reminder of the love you have for those involved in your bridal party. 

Bespoke gift sets 

Personalised gift cards and boxes are a great way to ask friends and family to be your bridesmaids. You could create your own beauty box with a few small items inside and finish it off with a notecard and bow to make it look extra special.


Luxury candles 

Being a bridesmaid and supporting the bride prior to and on the wedding day is an important job and can sometimes be stressful. What better way to relax than with a gorgeous smelling candle? 

Candles make thoughtful gifts for bridesmaids because there are so many different types and scents that you can choose ones that your bridesmaids are sure to love. 

Handcrafted bath bombs 

With gorgeous candles and homemade bath bombs your bridesmaids can create the ultimate relaxation atmosphere to unwind after a hectic day. You can co-ordinate the scents of the candle you choose and the bath bomb to the preferences of each bridesmaid to add that extra personal touch. 

Jewellery and accessories 

As briefly mentioned above bridesmaid jewelleryand other accessories can serve multiple purposes. A simple headband, chain bracelet or pair of earrings can make all the difference when you are deciding on the exact look and style you want for your bridesmaids. Additionally, this jewellery can then be a memorable and long-lasting personal gift to your bridesmaids that they can treasure for many years to come. See some of our beautiful jewellery pieces below to find the perfect gift for your bridesmaids.  

Pearl Silver Hoop Earrings 

Pearl Headband 

Silver bracelet with pearl 


When do I give my bridesmaids their gifts? 

There are a few common times to give your bridesmaids their gifts and with so many different traditions it can be difficult to know. However, try not to overthink it, there is no “right” time, different brides will have a different approach for giving out their gifts.  

One option is at the rehearsal dinner, the night before the wedding. Typically, the giving of gifts is done during the speeches as it provides the bride with the opportunity to thank her bridesmaids in front of friends and family. Depending on what gift you decide to buy, it might be preferable for the bridesmaids to be able to take it home and keep it safe rather than trying to find a secure place to put it during the wedding reception on the day.  

Another possibility is to give your bridesmaids their gifts whilst you are all getting ready for the wedding. This is becoming an increasingly popular tradition as the bride and bridesmaids can have a private and heartfelt moment together. Also, if the gift is an accessory or piece of jewellery, they can wear it for the rest of the wedding day.  

The most commonly practiced tradition when it comes to giving gifts to your bridesmaids is to do it during the wedding speeches. This is because the groom can also thank his attendants during his speech and the gifts can then be presented in a very natural way with appreciation and gratitude being shown to the bridesmaids for their roles in the wedding.  

How much should I spend on a bridesmaid's gift? 

A bridesmaid gift should be a gesture that is affordable for you, especially if you have quite a few bridesmaids and want to buy gifts for all of them. When it comes to these gifts it is the thought that counts. 

Don’t worry about what other brides at weddings you have been to have spent on their bridesmaids’ gifts. Your wedding is about celebrating love with the people you love and that will come across in the gifts you choose no matter how much money you spend on them.  

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