Do bridesmaids need bouquets? (And the best bouquets for dress colours)

Deciding on what bouquets your bridesmaids should carry can be tricky. A lot of brides on more limited budgets probably find themselves questioning “do bridesmaids need bouquets?”. This is a fair question as bouquets can be pricey and there could be equally beautiful alternatives out there that can help you save a few pennies. 

Should I get bouquets for my bridesmaids? 

As with every aspect of your wedding it is completely up to you and your personal style and preferences whether you want to buy bouquets for your bridesmaids or not. However, it is important to keep in mind that flowers can often be one of the most expensive aspects of your wedding, so buying bouquets for all your bridesmaids (particularly if there is a large number of them) might ultimately be too expensive. 

That’s not to say that bridesmaid bouquets aren’t absolutely stunning and compliment the bridal bouquet amazingly. They would not be as extravagant as the bride’s bouquet, but they can be designed to match its colours and florals. For some brides and bridesmaids a classic traditional bouquet is a must, but some may want to explore other possibilities. 

Floral arrangements are not the only option for your bridesmaids to walk down the aisle with though. You might choose not to include flowers and have different alternatives as arrangements instead.

Alternatives to bridesmaid bouquets 

Some ideas for bridesmaid bouquets are more DIY than others. The following styles can work as cheaper alternatives to bouquets if you are wanting to save money without compromising the look you want your bridesmaids to have. 

Arm garlands 

Arm garlands or wrist corsages can be easily created by asking your florist to turn the flowers you have chosen for your bridal bouquet into a garland style arrangement. These beautifully arranged stems can provide a unique aesthetic that will work just as effectively as having bridesmaid bouquets. 


Depending on the style of wedding you are having, you could have your bridesmaids carrying a feather or bouquet of feathers. This provides a modern and elegant look that will suit a contemporary wedding. 


Another inexpensive option for your bridesmaids to carry on the wedding day is fans. Not only are these very stylish for a summer wedding, but they also have the added benefit of keeping your bridesmaid’s cooler too. 

Clutch bags 

Instead of flowers, why not have matching clutches that are colour coordinated with the bridesmaids’ dresses? This is an option that is rising in popularity as it makes it easier for bridesmaids to carry some essential items for the bride on the big day, as well as creating a sleek and modern look. 

The best bridesmaid bouquets for dress colours 

If you decide that bridesmaid bouquets are the right option for you and your wedding, you then need to think about colours. Along with their dresses, your bridesmaids’ flowers will make a key statement in your overall colour scheme and theme. This means it is extremely important that you organise your colours effectively or your bridesmaid bouquets could be eye-catching for all the wrong reasons! 

Inspiration for bridesmaid bouquets 

Pastel bridesmaid dresses are very popular, especially lighter shades of pink. One possibility could be to have pastel pink flowers that nicely work with the dresses and contrast them with a white and hot pink rose bouquet for the bride. Pink wedding flowers are incredibly versatile and can be used in a way that will perfectly fit with the style of your wedding. Check out some of our pink bridesmaid dresses below.   

Dusky pink bridesmaid dress 


Blush pink bridesmaid dress  


If you’re planning to have neutral bridesmaid dresses, there will also be a variety of different flower options that will match and compliment the neutral tones of the dresses and not steal focus from them. A classic option is ivory roses perhaps with another light colour roses worked in as well to produce an elegant and understated look. We have added some examples of our collection of neutral dresses so you can find the right colour and style for your bridesmaids.  

Tabitha Dove Grey Bridesmaid Dress 

Tilly Cream Soda Bridesmaid Dress  

Top tips for bridesmaid bouquets 

  • If you want to differentiate your bridesmaids’ bouquets from yours, you can infuse smaller flowers in their dress colours into the bouquet. This creates a gorgeous look and ensures your bouquet stands out. 
  • If you’d prefer to have all the bouquets looking the same, you could ask your florist to put together smaller versions of your bouquet for your bridesmaids that are still exactly the same as yours. 

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