5 bridesmaid dresses for any ceremony

Of course, on a wedding day most of the attention will be focused on the bride. But that doesn’t mean finding the perfect dresses for your bridesmaids isn’t an important part of the planning process. They work as the frame that brings a picture-perfect moment to life. 

If your wedding is going to be formal, you'll want your bridesmaids to wear dresses that match the occasion. Champagne bridesmaid dresses are a great example of an elegant and classic look that would be well-suited to a grand ceremony. 

Equally, if your ceremony is going to be a bit more casual like a dreamy oceanside occasion or civil ceremony. Your dresses should fit that vibe and make a statement for all the right reasons! 

If you're looking for the perfect bridesmaid dresses for your wedding, follow our simple tips to get the look you want. 

What are the top colours for bridesmaid dresses to suit any wedding in 2022? 

Many companies and experts within the bridal fashion industry look at Google data to stay ahead of popular dress styles and colours. Recent research into this has shown that neutrals, champagne, copper, baby pink, baby blue, and navy are going to continue their increase in popularity throughout the year. Let’s break down some of these bridesmaid dress colours, so you can find exactly what you need for the big day. 

Pink bridesmaid dresses 

Pink is an iconic colour that will never fall out of style. It can be tricky to find the right shade of hue that will fit the tone of your wedding and work with your bridesmaids' skin tones. Our baby pink bridesmaid dresses are extremely versatile and provide that romantic feeling for any style of ceremony. Take a look at a few examples below. 


Black bridesmaid dresses 

Never underestimate the power of a black dress. It can be formal or informal depending on length and style you choose and look stunning for any wedding theme. Black is a timeless colour that always photographs well. 

Long-sleeve bridesmaid dresses 

The options for bridesmaid dresses today goes far beyond tube dresses and halter tops. Go for something with gorgeous sleeves to instantly elevate your ceremony. They can add function as well as style, especially for winter weddings when the weather might not be suitable for a short sleeve look. 

Blue bridesmaid dresses 

Make your bridesmaids dresses your something blue with a beautiful fresh shade that can work throughout the different seasons for any style of wedding. It’s no surprise as to why blue is one of the nation’s favourite colours for a wedding. It's easy to pair with other colours, there’s a wide range of shades, and it is flattering on women of all shapes and sizes.  

Pastel blue bridesmaid dresses in particular are trending at the moment for all types of ceremonies. We’ve chosen a few of our favourites to show you here. 



Floral bridesmaid dresses 

This might seem like a strange choice but go with us. With the right colours and design floral dresses can be gorgeous on a wedding day. In particular they are well-suited to outdoor ceremonies, spring or summer weddings, and events that focus on a natural theme. 

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