Why choose a satin bridesmaid dress?

Nowadays, there honestly might be as many fabrics as colours when choosing your bridesmaid dresses. Satin should definitely be considered. It’s traditionally regarded as a symbol of class due to its feel and appearance, which is a reputation that holds up today. Aside from looking stunning when used in clothing, satin has other qualities that make it a ideal for bridesmaid dresses.

In this blog we’ll dive into satin as a material and what makes it a brilliant choice for your bridesmaid dress.

What is satin?

Satin is a type of weave rather than a textile or fabric. It stands alongside the other major weaves, plain and twill. The satin weave technique involves four or more weft threads overlapping one warp thread, or vice versa. This produces an elastic material with a soft luxurious side, and another side with a duller surface.

Satin is often woven using polyester and rayon, although fabrics are traditionally made from silk. This comes from its origins in medieval China. It then came to Europe in the 12th century, after which it was popularised across the continent. Satin can also be made from cotton.

Types of satin weave

Satin is made from long, continuous strands or fibres. The type of weave used will depend on the length of the strands, which can produce slight differences. As the number of fibres increases, so too does the stretch and flexibility. Some of the common types are:

  • Four harness satin weave.
  • Five harness satin weave.
  • Eight harness satin weave.

Types of satin

The composition of satin can change with the use of different fibres and the type of weave. This influences the characteristics of the material, as well as any dress made from a particular type of satin. Some examples for dresses include:

  • Duchess satin – heavier than regular satin and often sporting less lustre. It’s ideal for solid colour dying.
  • Charmeuse – lightweight with a very easy drape. Similar in appearance to regular satin.
  • Baronet satin – extremely lustrous. Uses a combination of cotton weft threads and rayon warp threads.
  • Crepe back satin – a reversible material dual finishes. One side has the classic satin shine, while the other has a crepe texture.
  • Messaline – a version of satin which is very lightweight and shiny.
  • Antique satin – uses weft threads made from unevenly spun yarns, typically woven at 5 or 8 harness.

Reasons for choosing a satin bridesmaid dress

There are many characteristics of satin that make it an ideal choice for an elegant and beautiful bridesmaid dress. This includes aspects that are both visual striking and practical.


Satin makes for a fabric that hangs effortlessly. As a result, it’s ideal for comfortable evening dresses. This is because satin has a high density of fibres, making the material is very pliable. A fitted satin bridesmaid dress is perfect for enhancing the silhouette and bringing out the best in the wearer’s figure. 

Supporting the drape, satin doesn’t wrinkle easily. The thicker the fabric the more wrinkle-resistant the satin. For instance, duchess satin is probably your best bet for avoiding dress creases. There will always be periods of sitting during bridal events, so it’s important to watch out for those creases.


The most immediate feature of satin bridesmaid dresses is their brilliant shine that is simply stunning. This finish can work wonderfully with a range of colours, whether it’s rich reds, deep greens, vibrant tones, or more subtle hues. The Maids to Measure satin bridesmaid collection is available in all these colours and more.


A satin bridesmaid dress can be great for executing both minimalist and extravagant looks. This means your cohort can be elegant no matter what dress style they’re wearing, be it a satin wrap dress, satin slip dress, or satin tie shoulder dress. One of the major features of satin is its gloss and matte sides. This enables bridesmaids to be flexible with their look, as they can choose how much of either surface is on show. As the bride, this can be useful to let your bridesmaid dresses fit within the overall theme of your event.


This lets your bridesmaid dresses stick around for years of events to come. Satin that uses polyester tends to be resistant to wear and tear, and moisture. Regular satin is also durable thanks to the tautness of its weave compared to fabrics that use plain weaves. This helps your group of girls stay looking your best outdoors and on the dancefloor. Many polyester satin bridesmaid dresses will be machine washable too.

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