What to do if your bridesmaid dresses don’t fit

It’s precisely what you wanted to avoid. You’ve invested days or weeks of shopping for the perfect colour and style of bridesmaid dress, only to find that they don’t fit. The first thing to do is not panic. There are many options to remedy the situation and ensure everyone is happy with their look for the big day. 

Whether your bridesmaid dresses are too small, too big, or a combination of both across your group, this blog is here to help. 

Reasons for poor fitting bridesmaid dresses 

There can be a multitude of reasons why your bridesmaid dresses don’t fit, some of which are completely out of your control. While most of your focus will be on preparing for the wedding as the bride, members of your bridal party might have more of their focus elsewhere. That’s just life. As a result, changes could be different for each bridesmaid. For instance, it could be necessary to look for maternity bridesmaid dresses to accommodate someone’s bump. 


Oftentimes, there are many months between the initial dress shopping and when it comes to next trying it on. During any length of time, there can be many reasons our bodies will change, especially when there’s a lot going on. We know how easy stress eating can be! As a result, it’s very common for your bridesmaid dress to feel like a different fit after it has been collected/delivered. 


Some fabrics stretch more than others. Therefore, bridesmaid dresses made from more rigid materials are often less forgiving when it comes to getting the right size. Here, style can be an indicator. For instance, flowing dress styles are typically more accepting of a range of body sizes and shapes due to their light material.  

The colour of the material has the potential to draw and distract the eye in equal measure. For example, a bold dark pink bridesmaid dress, or many shades of pink made from a shiny material really isn’t the best if it doesn’t fit well. That being said, pink bridesmaid dresses can work wonderfully too.  

Opting for slim-fit dresses 

We always advocate that it’s much safer to go with a bridesmaid dress that is one size up from where someone usually is. This is because some types of everyday clothing can be baggy and loose hanging. This means it can’t be accurately translated to a dress fit, especially for figure-hugging bridesmaid dress styles.  

Shopping purely online 

Doing research online is absolutely a necessary step in choosing the right bridesmaid dresses for your cohort. It saves loads of time by helping rule out certain stylistic choices and making considerations in relation to the wedding venue and theme. 

Most bridal shops, Maids to Measure included, offer showroom appointments where dresses can be browsed and tried on. These can also be scheduled to gain expert advice on subjects such as bridesmaid dress resizing. 

Finding a solution 

When bridesmaid dresses don’t fit, it can create tension on top of the stress that comes with finding a solution. For example, getting an entirely new dress might not be an option if you’re set on all your bridesmaids wearing dresses in the same style. Equally, people may feel let down if someone has promised they would be a certain size by the time the wedding came around.  

Regardless of the reason, sit down and talk with your bridesmaids first. This way you can reach a workable agreement that allows everyone to be present at the wedding without breaking the bank. That being said, depending on the timeframe and size requirements, dress alterations may be the best way forward. 

The easiest option is that the bridal salon has the dress available in another size. Although this is more likely to be a possibility the earlier the issue is caught. 

How to adjust the size of a bridesmaid dress 

Getting the right size bridesmaid dress will often mean going to a salon or a seamstress, to get fitted bridesmaid dresses. Although it should be noted that these alterations will still take time to implement. So, bridesmaid dress size adjustments have to be made a number of weeks in advance of the wedding party.  

Altering a bridesmaid dress that’s too small 

Although it is trickier to enlarge a dress than make it smaller, an experienced seamstress can make it work. They usually suggest adding material in areas that aren’t explicitly visible, like under the arms. To create more space, a back panel or corset can also be added to the dress.  

Altering a bridesmaid dress that’s too big 

Having more material to work with than is necessary is a fine position to be in. It will be relatively simple for a seamstress to taper and draw in some of the material, so it fits your bridesmaid’s body perfectly. Certain accessories can also allow for the reduction of oversized dresses at short notice.  

Shop bridesmaid dresses online 

At Maids to Measure, we stock a wide range of bridesmaid dresses in sizes to suit a variety of needs. We support our brides and bridesmaids every step of the way on their journey to acquiring the perfect bridesmaid dresses. As a result, our stylists love having parties come down to our showroom to try on dress designs, outfits, and of course find the right size. Contact us today.