What neckline should bridesmaids wear?

Every bridesmaid is unique with her own body shape and size, which means dressing each maid in the same style of dress isn’t the common approach anymore. There are several different neckline options out there and what might look amazing on one girl may not be as flattering on another. So, it’s important to know what the choices are and ensure the girls try on different bridesmaid dress styles to find the perfect neckline for each individual. We’ll be exploring some of the different necklines and the body types they best suit below. 

V-neck dresses 

V-necklines are great for lengthening the neck and making the upper body and specifically the arms look slimmer. They can be very versatile and fit different body types when varied as they balance out proportions for ladies who are larger on the top half of their body than they are on the bottom. However, despite being good for slightly bigger chested girls, they can make very large busts appear saggy – especially if the V-neck is particularly plunging. 

A plunging V-neck is fashion forward and trendy, but too much probably won’t be appropriate for a wedding and could lead to a wardrobe disaster. The right V-neck can be flattering on many different body types, so it is worth consideration when shopping for dresses. 

One shoulder dresses 

One shoulder bridesmaid dresses have a timeless elegance and are a popular option for many bridal parties who appreciate the romance and ethereal aesthetic of mythological goddesses. By contrast to the V-neck, a one shoulder dress style isn’t a good choice for bridesmaids with heavier upper arms as the focus being drawn to the one shoulder strap can inadvertently accentuate them. Apart from this, a one shoulder can look nice on various different body shapes and sizes as long as the bridesmaids have supportive and comfortable bras that can work to the design. 

Square neckline dresses 

The square neckline, as the name suggests, is cut in a straight line across the chest to create a square shape. They can be wide or small depending on the overall look and style of the dress. A square neck won’t be the best option for girls with a heavier top torso as it can add the appearance of extra width. Generally, wide squares look best on women with a medium or larger chest. Whereas if you have bridesmaids that are smaller chested and are more petite overall you will likely find that a small square neckline is more flattering. 

Halter dresses 

Halter necklines have a very modern and feminine look which has seen them soar in popularity in recent years. They have a strap that loops around the back of the neck either with straps to tie up or buttons to hold it in place. A halter neck will cover most of the neck and bust and is best suited to women with slender arms and a lighter top frame. Ladies with larger frames will likely find that a halter neckline isn’t flattering to their shape and gives the illusion of extra bulk. 

Scoop dresses 

A scoop neckline resembles a U-shape and can be high or low to give more or less depth around the bust. Bridesmaids with narrower shoulders and a slim frame will probably like the round shape of a wider scoop as it gives the appearance of more curves. Small scoop necklines will be more beneficial to women with bigger upper bodies as it can help create more balance and make the bust look smaller. Even though this neckline can look amazing on various body types it can sometimes make the face look rounder. So, this shape might not be right for all of your bridesmaids.  

Illusion neck dresses 

Illusion also known as high necklines became popular in bridal dresses and have now moved into bridesmaid wear too. They have an element of mystery and sexiness by teasing a slightly revealing sweetheart or strapless neckline, but it is covered by a sheer layer, so it is still modest and elegant. This dress style practically any body shape and size, making it a great choice if you want your girls to have similar dresses that still work to each figure individually. 

So, what neckline should bridesmaids wear? 

The answer to this question depends on yours and your bridesmaids style preferences and body types. It is unlikely that there will be one neckline that is perfect for each girl – especially if you have a large group of bridesmaids. Therefore, you might want to have dresses in different necklines but similar or the same colours and fabrics. 

This will give you some contrast and individuality but maintains a level of consistency throughout the dresses and the wedding themes. Equally having mismatched dresses is a big trend at the moment so you may want to look at different colours as well as necklines to make your bridesmaids stand out. When it comes to necklines the possibilities for styling are endless. 

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