What Kind of Bridesmaid Dresses Look Good on Everyone?

We’re all uniquely beautiful but it’s an unfortunate truth that some clothes can look better depending on who’s wearing them. This can be the case with bridesmaid dresses too. It’s sometimes beneficial to consider the theme of your wedding when shopping for bridesmaid dresses. This can help create a style that unifies everyone.  

Choosing a dress for everyone involves considering each individual’s characteristics, such as body type, hair, height, overall style and more. In a group of 4+ bridesmaids, choosing a bridesmaid dress that’ll bring out the best in everyone is a tall order. Luckily, there are ways to achieve this.  

Universal Bridesmaid Dress Styles  

For those wanting the same bridesmaid dress for all their bridesmaids, certain styles will work best. A dress style designed to look good on everyone should be able to accommodate different body types. Whether they’re worn by 2 bridesmaids or 20, these dresses should create a natural look across the group.  

Here are some recommendations that will allow your bridesmaid dress styles to be universal: 

  • Fabric: Look for light materials that hang and flow. This will allow the dress to adapt to the wearer while being comfortable over the course of an evening. 
  • Shape: The overall shape of the dress should be unaggressive to accommodate all body types. We recommend a bridesmaid dress shape that accentuates the waist and gradually opens up. An A-line is a great way to go here as it helps create a flattering silhouette. 
  • Neckline: The neckline is a particularly tough area to make ubiquitous across different bridesmaids. This is because different busts can impact the neckline in different ways. For instance, those with smaller busts will find square neckline dresses more flattering. The neckline is therefore an area where you should consider if there are any body similarities across bridesmaids. 

With these criteria in mind, wrap dresses, V-neck and shoulder dresses can all be lovely choices for any group of bridesmaids. Browse our full range, which includes Chiffon bridesmaid dresses, Elle bridesmaid dresses and many more.  

Bridesmaid Dress Alterations  

Alterations provide flexibility, allowing one bridesmaid dress style to work seamlessly (pun maybe intended) across multiple people. Fitted bridesmaid dresses can adapt a bridesmaid dress style to your group of bridesmaids without drastically changing the look. If any of your bridesmaids didn’t immediately love the dress style, getting a perfect fit is likely to boost their confidence. 

Colour is a Consideration 

Don’t feel as though you’re limited to matching the bridesmaid dress colour to that of the wedding venue. The exact colour isn’t too important, as long as it looks good and compliments the bride and colours elsewhere on the day. You can even leave it up to the bridesmaids to each decide what shade of the chosen colour to wear. This allows each bridesmaid to look their best in an overall dress style. 

For colours, generally neutral bridesmaid dresses will work best. Pastel and matte colours don’t pick out surface bumps as much. This leads to a great look that doesn’t change due to differences in body types. 

Complimentary Bridesmaid Dress Styles 

A bridesmaid cohort can still look stunning and coordinated while wearing slightly different dresses. In fact, having different bridesmaid dress styles isn’t as uncommon as it once was. There might be one aspect of a style of bridesmaid dress that looks great across everyone in your group, but other parts don’t work. You can then look for that same feature across different bridesmaid dress styles.  

You’re still free to unify your bridesmaids in ways other than the dress style. For example, sticking to a main colour and textile that’s in line with the wedding theme. This gives each bridesmaid additional freedom to make their look their own with accessories. Dresses that create open spaces are ideal for bridesmaids looking to customise their look. The result is your bridesmaids’ personalities get to shine through while ensuring they look amazing all together.  

In Summary 

Choosing a dress style that looks good on everyone isn’t a quick process. Deciding what’ll work best means taking each bridesmaid into consideration, along with your vision for the event. Fitted bridesmaid dresses that look great on everyone does wonders for creating a sensational wedding. 

At the end of the day, the most important thing is to communicate with your bridesmaids. Find out what they think and make it an open discussion so everyone’s happy. Do they have ideas about what bridesmaid dress style will look good on everyone? Will their usual dress style preference work across the group?  

An effective strategy when coordinating bridesmaid dresses is to try loads. Luckily, Maids to Measure has a big range of bridesmaid dress styles. From classics to new additions, all our collections come in a variety of colours. Get in touch today.