What colour bridesmaid dresses go with navy suits?

Navy suits are a popular choice for groomsmen in many modern weddings. It gives the groomsmen the chance to wear colour rather than standard black or grey whilst also being neutral enough to work with a wide range of colours if you want to co-ordinate the suits with your bridesmaid dresses. Pairing groomsmen suits with bridesmaid dresses is easier than you might think. In this article, we’ll be looking at the best bridesmaid dresses that complement navy suits so everyone in the wedding party reflects the colours you want and your style.

Bridesmaid dresses with navy suits

When deciding on the colour of your bridesmaid dresses, you might first want to consider the season. If you go with a colour that coordinates with the season, the likelihood is that the dresses will go perfectly with the groomsmen suits in navy blue as navy is incredibly versatile and will work with the majority of colours. However, we have narrowed down our favourite selections of dresses that will best go with navy suits for your consideration and to get you inspired below.

Blush pink bridesmaid dresses

Blush pink provides a beautiful contrast with the navy suits as you will be matching a warm and bright colour with a cooler and darker colour. This creates a unique look that is particularly effective for weddings in the spring where the cold becomes warm and the colours in your wedding palette utilise the tones and aesthetic of the season and setting around you.

Sage green bridesmaid dresses

Green and blue are two very natural colours that always look good together. The benefit of sage green bridesmaid dresses is the colour is very light, so if you’re having your wedding in a warmer setting, the brightness of the sage will lighten up the navy suits nicely, especially if the suits have a pocket square, tie, or even socks that match the shade of the dresses exactly.

Navy blue bridesmaid dresses

As much as we love contrasting navy suits with warm colours like in the previous two examples, matching them with cold coolers makes for a stunning effect too and what better way to do that than with navy dresses. If you’re having a winter wedding and navy is the main colour in your palette, then there’s no reason why you can’t have navy groomsmen suits and bridesmaid dresses.

As long as you break it up with a secondary complementing colour in other ways like the bridesmaid bouquets, groomsmen’s ties or bow ties etc so the use of navy doesn’t become too overpowering, it will make for a great look for a winter moody wedding aesthetic.

Forest green bridesmaid dresses

Another gorgeous cool tone to coordinate with navy suits is forest green dresses. Again, this is ideal if you’re having a winter wedding or a wedding that is themed around a darker, mysterious ambience and mood. Pretty much any shade of green will look good with navy, but we feel that sage and forest green represent two different approaches you can take when considering green for your bridesmaid dresses, as they will create quite opposing looks and feel. You can’t go wrong with green and navy, the shade you decide on will come down to other factors like your setting, other colours in your wedding palette, season, etc.

Rust bridesmaid dresses

We’ve saved the most unexpected choice until last because we know you’re probably scratching your head as you see rust with navy in your mind but trust us it works. Like with the earlier mentions in this list, rust and navy together are very contrasting with warm and cold tones. However, it is often the case that opposites attract, and we can see that with rust bridesmaid dresses and navy suits. Ideally placed in an end of summer/autumn wedding setting these colours will look amazing in your palette and in a rustic wedding vibe, which you can solidify using the bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen suits.


Navy suits are neutral and highly adaptable to most colours, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find a colour that either complements or contrasts with them depending on your style preferences. No matter what type of bridesmaid dresses you’re looking for, we’ve got the perfect colour and style for your wedding here at Maids to Measure.

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