Tips for choosing a Chelsea wedding reception venue

Second only to the bride’s and bridesmaid dresses, choosing the wedding venue is a very important process. It will serve as the backdrop for the occasion, being present in all pictures you have from the day. It will also impact your guests more directly by dictating where they travel to and from. In Chelsea and the surrounding London area, there are many options for wedding and wedding reception venues. 

In this blog, you’ll find advice for choosing a wedding venue from bridesmaid dress designers local to Chelsea. 

What to consider before choosing a wedding venue 

Even if you’re certain that you’ve found the perfect venue the second you lay eyes on it, don’t immediately put your name down. Of course, time is of the essence to secure a date that works for you and your guests. However, there are a number of things you should check first to ensure your wedding reception is a great event.  


Even if you have the most beautiful venue that completely encapsulates your wedding vision, it must still have the capacity to fit all your guests comfortably. As if you try to cram more people than necessary into the space, it’s likely to ruin the experience. Equally, picking a venue that’s too big for your guest list can cause problems. In these cases, the intimacy of the event can be compromised. You can take steps to remedy this but it’s likely to lead to a significant increase in costs. It’s important to note that you may want to investigate having a separate venue for the reception and the wedding if a different number of people are coming to each. 


Most of us have a vision of what our wedding will be like. Even if you haven’t ironed out the details yet, you’ll know what themes or style you want to come across. The exact venue style will therefore come down to you and your partner’s personal preference. This can be influenced by various features of the building, including: 

  • Décor 
  • Lighting 
  • Location 
  • Age and history 
  • Function 
  • Indoor and outdoor spaces 


When selecting a wedding venue, you should always balance aesthetics against practicality. Some travel to the destination will be inevitable for your guests. However, some considerations should be made to ensure it’s as straightforward as possible. For example, a venue in the centre of Chelsea likely won’t have any car parking nearby, so it could be beneficial to check if guests coming from elsewhere are happy to travel by train. If the venue is local, it should also be easy to find for those who aren’t familiar with the area. 

Time of year 

Certain venues are designed to host events at particular times of year due to their features. For a winter wedding, you would be better off choosing a venue that can accommodate your guests using exclusively indoor spaces. In contrast, a venue with large gardens is ideal for setting up a gazebo as the main space. It’s therefore important not to jump at the first dates that come available for a venue, as it might not be the right season for you. 


Many wedding planners say it’s better not to set the date for your wedding before you choose the venue. Of course, this depends how much the couple values getting married at a certain time of year. However, keeping your date options open gives you far greater flexibility when looking for a venue. 


It’s the word every wedding planner is always aware of but doesn’t want to hear – budget. The venue will take up a significant portion of your budget, with the rental cost varying depending on a variety of factors. As a result, you should enquire about any features or ‘add-ons’ of the venue that might increase its price relative to other venues in the area. 

Matching a bridesmaid dress to the wedding venue 

Many people will have thought about the look of their bridesmaid cohort before deciding on a venue. As such, it can save time and money to pick a wedding venue that works with the bridesmaid dresses you know your group is wearing. This goes a long way to creating a cohesive look that allows your themes to shine through.  

Along with the overall themes of the wedding, you should consider how the colours and styles of the dresses marry with the venue. This can often be done by examining the décor. For example, an abundance of exposed stonework creates a colour pallete that’s mostly grey. You can then visualise how this will work when your bridal party are photographed in the venue. 

How to choose a wedding reception venue in Chelsea 

Looking for wedding venues near me? Chelsea brides-to-be have access to a wealth of wonderful venues to fit any type of wedding reception. Whether you want to a rustic setting to let your hair down, a romantic rural home for a small guest list, or a lavish ballroom, Chelsea has it all. However, this abundance of choice can make it difficult to choose a reception venue. 

All the points we’ve discussed above can be used to find the perfect wedding reception venue for you. In addition, we’d recommend asking someone in the area for advice on popular events venues or spaces which they think would work for your wedding’s themes. More than anything though, trust your gut instinct. If you find the venue that perfectly fits your wedding vision for you and your bridesmaids, then go for it.  

Bridesmaid dresses available to buy online 

Maids to Measure is a bridesmaid dress business born and raised in Chelsea. As such, we know all the best venues for wedding receptions in the surrounding area. Don’t be afraid to mention where you’re planning to have your event when you come in for your appointment. A member of our friendly team will have the knowledge to give you some expert advice. If you have any queries, you can contact us directly via email or our website.