The importance of comfort in bridesmaid dresses

A wedding is a long day, there’s no getting away from that, especially for the main wedding party who are featured in the day from start to finish. This means the comfort of the bridesmaid dresses UK is of paramount importance. Not only do the bridesmaids need to look beautiful in the dresses but they need to feel comfortable too, physically, and mentally, which makes bridesmaid dress shopping a key part of the overall wedding planning experience.

What makes a bridesmaid dress comfortable?

There are several elements that make up a bridesmaid dress, all of which work together to determine how comfortable the dress will be for the wearer. Some bridesmaid dresses will focus purely on style over substance, leaving many women feeling uncomfortable and even negatively impacting the day.

Achieving the balance between looking good and feeling good is essential for any dress maker and at Maids to Measure, we’re proud of our bridesmaid and maid of honour dresses and their ability to give every bridesmaid confidence and ensure they feel comfortable from the beginning of the day to the end. Let’s take a look at some of the main components that influence the comfort of a bridesmaid dress below.

The fabric

It might not seem that important but the fabric a dress is made from can make the biggest difference between a comfortable dress that bridesmaids can enjoy all day and an uncomfortable dress they want to get changed out of after the ceremony. Some fabrics can be far too restrictive, meaning the bridesmaids could barely be able to breathe never mind eat, drink, and dance like they’re supposed to at a wedding.

We use satin and chiffon for our dresses due to their beneficial features for the wearer, including lightweight, figure flattering, easy to put on, and of course the stunning wedding look they create. You can decide which fabric is right for your bridesmaid dresses by requesting a free sample of both our satin and chiffon in your preferred colour.

The style

There are so many options when it comes to the cut and style of bridesmaid dresses, and this can have an effect on how comfortable they are to wear. Every body shape and size are different and whilst one style might look amazing on one of your bridesmaids, it might not be as flattering on another. The shape and where the cut reaches might just hit all the wrong places and leave the bridesmaid feeling self-conscious and uncomfortable, even if it is technically the right size and fit. It could even be something as simple as a belt that draws the eye to an area some curvier bridesmaids might prefer to hide.

Keep in mind how comfortable a bridesmaid feels mentally is just as important as how she feels physically, especially considering how many photographs will be taken during the wedding day. You don’t want to look back at the special day and think that one or more of your bridesmaids wasn’t comfortable in what she was wearing.

The neckline and sleeves

Like with the overall style and cut of the dress, the neckline can influence how comfortable the bridesmaids feel in their dresses. Again, this will largely come down to different body types, some necklines and sleeve options can make certain areas on the body appear bigger than they actually are like the shoulders or bust.

This can be problematic for a wedding day as the bridesmaids might not feel comfortable having as much bust on display or their shoulders and arms. If that is the case, you might be best opting for a higher neckline that will hide more of a larger bust and maybe a dress with long sleeves over strapless. 


Overall, comfort in bridesmaid dresses is the most important thing for a long wedding day. If you’re looking for comfortable and affordable bridesmaid dresses, you can find the perfect dresses for your girls at Maids to Measure. Explore our stunning collections today and don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions.