The bridesmaid dress trends coming in 2024

Planning your bridesmaid’s outfits is a lengthy process in itself, let alone everything else that comes with organising a wedding. With colours, styles, jewellery, venues, accessories, and personal preferences, it can sometimes feel like there’s so much to consider you don’t know where to start. That’s why many of us look for current bridesmaid dress trends to get ideas. Future fashion trends can also be effective in allowing brides to plan accordingly. 

Here we’ll be discussing the trends in bridesmaid dresses we expect to see continue, as well as which new trends are likely to emerge. 

Bold colours 

We’ve seen in 2023 that people want to make a statement in modern weddings and continue to move away from the traditional black and white colour. This is likely to continue, with pops of bright colour being increasingly popular among bridal parties in 2024. We expect this trend to be accompanied by a rise in accessories and unusual bridesmaid dress features. This is because they are a brilliant way for bridesmaids to incorporate their personality into a look. 

Satin fabric 

Satin bridesmaid dresses are ideal for creating a sophisticated, romantic wedding atmosphere. Their flowing lines and folds fit elegant venues and also work brilliantly with a wide range of colours. Where many have previously chosen silk bridesmaid dresses over satin, the fabric is starting to be recognised for the practical and aesthetic combination that it is. 

Green colour palette  

Greens are in for 2024! This colour is extra versatile, with variations able to take on different appearances to suit the bridal party or wedding themes. As such, green bridesmaid dresses are a crowd pleaser that only promises to grow in popularity in the new year.  

Our range includes light and dark green, olive green bridesmaid dresses, forest green bridesmaid dresses, and sage green bridesmaid dresses all in a variety of styles. 

Mismatched bridesmaid dresses 

Gone are the days when bridesmaid’s dresses are required to be the exact same style and colour. Instead, there continues to be a shift towards bridal parties with complementary looks that feature a variety of colour shades and different bridesmaid dress styles. Mismatching bridesmaid dress are sure to be a mainstay of 2024 weddings.  

Champagne bridesmaid dresses 

As we start the year, bridesmaid dresses with blush tones are likely to dominate the wedding scene. Of these, we’ve identified champagne bridesmaid dresses to be the most up and coming. 

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