The best lilac bridesmaid dresses under £200

When you’re planning a wedding, you’ve likely got a budget in mind for most if not all elements for the big day, especially dresses. It’s easy for costs to quickly escalate when you’re shopping for bridesmaid dresses, so if you’re looking for gorgeous lilac bridesmaid dresses under £200, Maids to Measure can help.  

In this article, we’ll be looking at the reasons why lilac is such a popular choice for dresses and showing you some of the stunning lilac dresses we’ve got in our collection. 

Why choose lilac bridesmaid dresses? 

Lilac is a soft and feminine colour that offers so much flexibility, meaning it’ll never go out of style. It can easily be combined with other colours that are part of your wedding aesthetic and can adapt to any season of the year. 

The colour lilac typically sits somewhere between a soft lavender and deep purple, its light tones are whimsical and romantic, which makes it especially popular for spring and summer weddings. It pairs beautifully with other pastels like pink and light green, allowing you to create a lovely palette with your other wedding colours and accessories. 

If you want something extra unique for your bridesmaids, you could think about adding other shades of purple into the mix with dresses made from fabrics like lace or satin. Light purple bridesmaid dresses are the perfect way to bring an element of spring into your wedding. Shades like lilac are a nice reminder of lilacs, hyacinths, and other flowers that bloom in spring. 

Timeless, affordable, and adaptable to any skin tone and body type, you can’t go wrong with and elegant lilac bridesmaid dress for the special ladies in your life. 

Maids to Measure lilac bridesmaid dresses 

Our collection of lilac bridesmaid dresses ensures there’s something for everyone. They give a clean, sophisticated look and come in a broad range of sizes, from 8-24, including maternity options so those who are expecting don’t have to miss out. Let’s take a closer look at our different lilac dress styles below: 

Allegra Lilac Dress 

The Allegra lilac dress is part of our new Ego Edit and is a great option when you’re looking for a lilac dress that costs less than £200. It’s beautifully crafted from satin fabric, giving it just the right amount of stretch and sheen to naturally mould to the body shape of the wearer.  

With a stylish and contemporary square neckline and tie shoulders, this dress will look amazing at any type of wedding venue and on any bridesmaid. The delicate lilac shade nicely compliments a bridal gown without stealing focus from it. 

Stella Lilac Dress 

If you’re looking for affordable purple bridesmaid dresses, then the Stella lilac dress from the satin collection will tick all the right boxes for you. 

It’s priced the same as the Allegra at £130 but the high-quality manufacturing, easy slip-on style with adjustable straps and a low tie make it feel double the price. The slip dress has been around in the fashion industry for years, but this gown makes it feel modern and trendy whilst maintaining the comfort for the wearer. 

Daphne Lilac Dress 

The Daphne lilac dress is a classically elegant style with a V neck shape, buttons done the centre and a split which adds a sexy contemporary element to the gown. 

Combining the lilac colour with the Daphne style gives the dress the best of both worlds in a traditional look with a modern twist that will work with any type of wedding. 

This dress comes in a little bit higher in cost than the other two lilac gowns with a £150 price tag but still way under the £200 mark and you and your bridesmaids will definitely appreciate the quality design and work that has gone into creating it. 

If you're not sure what style you want to go for, but you know you want lilac, you could always mix and match dress styles with the gowns above. You'll still have a nice consistency across all the dresses with the lilac colour but changing the styles can ensure each bridesmaid gets the exact gown she wants. Or if you have a maid of honour  

Beautiful bridesmaid dresses don’t have to break the bank! As you can see, we’ve got a selection of lilac gowns that are affordable and easy to style to any type of wedding setting and theme. Also, if you want to see the shade of lilac first before committing to ordering your dress, why not order one of our fabric samples? Then you can decide if lilac is right for your bridesmaids and start matching accessories with it too.