The best halter neck bridesmaid dresses 2022

Often an underrated style of neckline compared to the ever-popular sweetheart shape, halter neck bridesmaid dresses are back with a bang! There was an initial surge in popularity in high neck wedding dresses in 2019 and into 2020, after Meghan Markle brought this stylish and elegant neckline back into the bridal spotlight with her Stella McCartney evening wedding dress. 

Since then, high neck dresses have made their comeback in the world of bridesmaid dresses too and we’re here for it. Looking for a stunning high neck bridesmaid dress for your girls? You’ve come to the right place as we list the best halter neck gowns of 2022. 

Tabitha Midnight Blue bridesmaid dress 

The Tabitha dress is one of Maids to Measure’s best-selling navy halter neck bridesmaid dresses with only 5 left in stock at the time of writing, and there’s no surprise as to why. This gorgeous gown is the definition of elegance and beauty. The halter neck is flattering to practically any body shape and size. It’s made of pure chiffon meaning it’s lightweight and comfortable to wear throughout the full duration of the big day. 

Also, the high neck look is ideal for more formal, black-tie style weddings as it creates a sense of classical glamour that no other neckline can match. If you think the Tabitha Midnight Blue is right for your girls order your dresses at our sale price now and save £60 on each one. 

Tilly Blossom bridesmaid dress 

Pink halter neck bridesmaid dresses like the beautiful Tilly Blossom dress strike a perfect balance between formality and fun. The high neckline is effortlessly sophisticated as it creates longer looking lines throughout the neck and torso, whilst the light pink tone is playful whimsical, so if you want a dress that can do it all this one’s for you. 

Expertly crafted from pure chiffon, the Tilly is a Maids to Measure classic, with a cinched waist and neck tie back feature to guarantee secure fastening and a flowing ease of movement for the wearer. This dress is designed to suit any season and a firm favourite with our bridesmaids. 

Tilly Burgundy dress 

Speaking of the Tilly dress we couldn’t not mention that it now comes in our new soft matte satin material. Satin halter neck bridesmaid dresses are always a showstopper and this one is no different. Perfectly combining the sleek stylishness of the high neckline and satin feel with the romantic moodiness of the deep burgundy colour this dress almost has an old-Hollywood glamour feel to it. 

The cinched waist and neck tie back add to that sexy, classic couture vibe this dress has, no matter the body type of the wearer, every bridesmaid will feel confident in this. If your wedding is going to be a very formal affair and you want your bridesmaids to not only look amazing but feel like a million dollars, then this dress should definitely be a contender for you. 



Halter neck bridesmaid dresses are a popular trend for 2022 and we’ve got a stunning collection of them at Maids to Measure. Find the perfect high neck dress for your girls today.