The best autumn wedding colours 2022

Autumn is all about feeling warm and cosy, and the stunning natural colours around us make it a magical and romantic time to get married. Depending on when your wedding is in autumn the weather can be quite mild or pretty cold, which can influence your colour choices for the big day as well as the changing leaves.  

These create the perfect backdrop and base for your autumn wedding colour palette. In this article, we’ll be exploring the best autumn wedding colours for 2022 to give you some inspiration in choosing bridesmaid dress tones for your bridal party that perfectly match your aesthetic. 

Burgundy and blush 

As a beautifully rich and deep colour, burgundy is an extremely popular colour for both autumn and winter weddings. You can still maintain a softer and romantic feel as well to counterbalance the cold weather by incorporating the hints of blush tones. Some examples of how you can include these colours into your wedding are with floor length burgundy bridesmaid dresses, burgundy and blush flower bouquets, and burgundy and blush centrepieces. 

Navy and mauve 

Mauve is quickly becoming a top trending colour for autumn weddings as it’s very versatile and easy to match with other colours to create a unique palette. It can be described as a gorgeous shade of light purple with a slight grey tint. Pairing mauve with navy blue will nicely highlight the lighter, pinker tones of the purple and form a nice balance between the pale mauve and dark navy, which nicely mirrors the change of autumn between warm and cold.  

You can add the romantic moodiness of the season into your wedding with long, navy bridesmaid dresses, mauve bouquets, navy and mauve table settings, and navy wedding invitations with mauve accents. 

Rust and yellow 

Rust is the type of autumn wedding colour that has endless possibilities, and when you combine it with yellow, the effect is amazing. You can put together some unique and memorable wedding features when you bring these colours together such as with rust bridesmaid dresses, yellow bridesmaid dresses, rust yellow table setting, rust yellow flowers, and a wedding cake with rust flowers. 

Green and grey 

Green is a timeless colour that can span all seasons with the right shades from bright emerald green to dark hunter green. A shade that sits somewhere in the middle like forest green gives that deeper, earthy feel as we approach the colder weather whilst still maintaining a sense of mystery and whimsical romance.  

There’s no better match for a powerful colour like green than a smooth light grey. These colours complement each other brilliantly at an autumn wedding, especially if you go for forest green bridesmaid dresses, grey suits, white grey table décor, and a green white bridal bouquet. 

Lavender and apricot 

For that dreamy, soft, romantic feel, lavender is one of the best colour choices out there. This gentle shade of purple works surprisingly well with the more playful and vibrant apricot. There are so many creative opportunities with these colours for an autumn wedding from a mix of lavender and apricot bridesmaid dresses to an apricot white wedding cake, and lavender invitations. 

Teal and orange 

Teal and orange are both bright and bold colours that are particularly fun for an autumn wedding, making a great backdrop for an informal celebration. You can stylishly incorporate these colours into your wedding by having teal bridesmaid dresses, bouquets tied with orange ribbon, orange ties for the men, teal candles, and wedding cake with orange flower accents. 

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