Standout colours for Bridesmaid Dresses

In recent years pastel bridesmaid dresses have been the forefront for the leading colours for bridesmaid dresses however bold colours are becoming increasingly popular. Choosing bold colours for bridesmaid dresses is not as straight forward as it seems. Choosing a colour can be difficult as not every colour may suit each person’s skin tone; that doesn’t mean you can’t still a choose bold colour.

Bold doesn’t always have to be vibrant colours. It can also be light colours or even matching dresses. The focal point of the dresses is going to be the bride’s dress. When wearing a white wedding dress, the most subtle of colour in bridesmaid dresses can also be bold. If you are wanting vibrant or dark colours to match the aesthetic of your wedding, then we have a wide range of colour options to choose from.


Green Bridesmaid Dresses are a popular colour that can work to create both a subtle colour scheme whilst also creating a bold colour scheme depending on the shade of green.

Pastel Green Bridesmaid Dresses

Our misty green bridesmaid dresses are a softer, pastel shade of green which work perfectly for seasonal weddings especially spring and summer. It is a bold and bright colour that looks great on everyone and is one of the brightest and lightest shades of green from our collection and is available in a range of styles including our Caroline Misty Green Dress.

Forest Green Bridesmaid Dresses

Our darkest and boldest green from our collection is our forest green bridesmaid dresses. The rich emerald, green bridesmaid dresses is the perfect bold colour to choose for outdoor weddings or winter weddings. Our Suzannah Forest green Bridesmaid Dress is a lightweight and flattering for all long sleeve bridesmaid dress that can be styles perfectly with our pearl gold hoop earrings.


Pink is a perfectly popular colour for bridesmaid dresses. Pink is the colour of romance and what is more romantic than a wedding? Our collection features some of the dreamiest shades of pink and the boldest of pinks guaranteed to compliment your bridesmaids.

Blossom Pink Bridesmaid Dresses

Blossom Pink is another shade that is subtle yet bold. The softest of the pinks that pairs perfectly with all skin hues. Our Lucy Blossom Pink Dress is one of the newest chiffon dresses from our collection that perfectly incorporates the classic bridesmaid dress whilst being new and trendy. It is the perfect bra friendly bridesmaid dress that looks great on all body shapes.

Hot Pink Bridesmaid Dresses

Our newest shade of pink from our new Ego Edit. Hot pink is a bold but daring colour that can give your wedding theme the perfect pop of colour you might be missing. The Margot Hot Pink Wrap Dress is a beautifully crafted satin dress that looks elegant yet stylish whilst being comfortable and flattering.


Red is another colour that perfectly incorporates the theme of love. A Stylishly bold colour that can pair perfectly for autumn and winter weddings.

Burgundy Bridesmaid Dresses

Our Ivy Burgundy Red Dress is a beautifully romantic halter neck style dress. Styling Red Bridesmaid Dresses with updo hairstyles can make the colour stand out and elevate the chicness of your bridal party.


Blue is a classic colour that is usually always incorporated into a wedding making it the perfect colour for bridesmaid dresses and all seasons.

Midnight Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

For a dark and rich shade of blue then opting for midnight blue is the perfect option. Our Regent Midnight Blue Dress is a classic and elegantly shaped bridesmaid dress that is flattering and comfortable.  The darkness of the blue may not seem like the boldest of colours but if the aesthetics of your wedding are light, airy colours then a dark colour can balance out the environment. Choosing Dark colours is also perfect for a pop of colour as you can choose light and bold accessories to elevate the look such as our Padded Plain Velvet Ivory Head Band or our Faux Pearl Graduated Cream Headband.

Need Help finding the perfect bridesmaid dresses?

Planning a wedding and perfecting every little detail can become stressful and things may not always go to plan. At Maids to Measure we stock a range of styles which are available in a variety of colours so if you have found the perfect colour you will be able to choose the perfect bridesmaid dresses. You may even choose different styles of bridesmaid dresses in the same colour. You can shop our full range of bridesmaid dresses online or book a personal stylist appointment where we can help you find the perfect dresses.