Maids in Blue

Blue symbolises trust, loyalty and confidence so a perfect colour choice for your wedding day. Blue is blue whatever shade you decide on, making it a great colour choice. It’s currently our most popular colour. Something old, something new, so why not have your maids in blue?

We have four different shades currently, Cloud blue, which is probably better described as a baby blue or even a soft cornflower. A Navy, which we call midnight blue and then we have a Regatta, which has dusky grey tones and a Duck Egg blue which has shades of green or sage running through. The great thing about blue is it works through the seasons, Spring, Summer and Winter.

Be it a destination wedding with cool tones to match the sea or a country wedding to reflect the sky and compliment the surroundings, this colour will be a hit with the bridesmaids as it is so easy to wear and very rarely causes a disagreement amongst them.
Navy or midnight blue never looks like it trying to hard and its understated cool, classic and timeless. The majority or our dresses come in this shade and it looks particularly good in our more fitted styles like the Penelope or Queenie. The darker the blue the more conservative the look. Navy blue is a great alternative to black softer and more traditional.

The paler pastel shades such as the Cloud and Duck Egg lend themselves to the more floaty styles such as the Caroline, Grace or Tansy, but don't let that discourage you from trying this colour in the classic Regent or Isla dress or even our very new dress Dahlia. Pastel blue is loved by everyone and inspires tranquility, it indicates a selfless nature!

Another tip and something to think about when choosing your shade (whatever colour you go for) is to look at the ushers suits, blue has always been an extremely popular colour for them to wear. So do you want a lighter shade for the maids or would you like them to all be in a darker midnight or such like? or if a destination wedding would the boys be in lighter suits? there is no right or wrong answer just its worth being aware that a lot of the  photos they will be together, so whats the overall look you'd like?

Match any of the blues with soft pink or blush flowers for a truly equisite look or pick out the shades the girls are wearing, alternatively you could  go white  to give a contrast to the wedding dress.

Of  course, book an appointment and come and visit us to try all the styles and see what shade of blue works best for your girls and/or look at our instagram page for inspiration on shades and idea.