How to Pick the Perfect Bridesmaids Dress Style for Each Body Type

As big as your wedding day is for you, it is also a very special day in the lives of your girlfriends. While you pick out your lovely bridal wear, it is your up to you to find the best bridesmaids dresses for your extraordinary ladies. Bridesmaid dresses styles are plenty, but finding the one that compliments your friends, their unique tastes and body types and ones they feel comfortable in can be a real challenge. 

If you want to save the perfect memories of your special day with your bridesmaids, here are some easy tips on how to pick the perfect bridesmaids dress style for each body type. 

Types of bridesmaids dresses 

  • Pear-shaped body

A pear-shaped body is one where most of your weight is on your lower half. One of the most flattering dresses for such body types is an A-line or floaty skirt. An A-line dress can skim the hips and synch you in on your waist, accentuating your curves but giving a flattering fit. Such a dress will focus more on the smaller areas of your body and present you with a wonderful hourglass figure.

  • Bridesmaids dresses designs for smaller busts

If your bridesmaid has smaller busts, you can pick a dress with a halter or cowl neckline. This flaunts their arms, shoulders and collarbones and gives them a fuller appearance. However, girls with a large bust should avoid a halter neck, as that can make their shoulders seem broad and make their structure appear bigger than it is. If you have toned arms and want to show them off while taking away the attention from your smaller busts, you can also wear a fitted dress with thinstraps. Fitted dresses highlight the right curves of your body. 

  • Bridesmaids dresses designs for larger busts

Contrary to women with smaller busts, larger busts can either make women conscious or super confident with an unapologetic ‘you got it you flaunt it’ attitude. If you wish to take the focus off your large bust, you can opt for an off-shoulder  or illusion neckline dress, like our Charlotte Dress. The coning design highlights the cleavage without putting too much focus on it. It also adds a very lady-like vintage appeal to your outfit. 

If you are super confident and want to further flatter your bosoms, you should try a gown with a V neckline. While the length of the gown adds elegance to your look, the plunging neckline will make you look pretty, beautiful and shapely. Make sure to also pick the right underwear to support the neckline and most importantly, to be comfortable through the ceremony. 

  • Tall body

Being tall is a blessing when it comes to fashion. There are so many types of bridesmaids dresses that tall women can wear. You can either wear a straight long gown that shows off your height or pick a more midi dress like our Heidi dress to add some focus to your legs. A well-fitted dress with long sleeves also adds the necessary drama to your look and accentuates your best feature- your height. 

  • Petite body

Narrow straps can elongate the body and make a person look taller. Being petite gives you the liberty to experiment with different materials and designs. You can try all the backless and feminine styles with puff sleeves and shoulders. This will give your outfit a nice tease and add elegance and grace to your overall look. Strapless gowns with high heels are another good choice for women with a petite frame. It makes them appear feminine, and the dress does not overshadow their frame. 

  • Curvy body

Almost any dress will suit a curvy body, but the best pick is an outfit with thins straps and a low neckline and is well-fitted at the waist. Such a dress will highlight the right areas of your body and give you an hourglass figure. Long gowns, as well as midi dresses, will look good on a woman with a curvy body. 

  • Athletic body

A long, lean figure carry off any dress with great panache and oomph. You can pick a one-shoulder dress to show off your toned muscles, collarbones and slender body. A sash at the waist will further help you flaunt your most promising areas. You can pick pastel shades and light fabrics like print or mesh that will highlight the slim features of your frame. A nice faltering gown with high heels and hair tied up in a bun will add the perfect charm to your athletic figure. 


There are so many options available for all bridesmaids dresses, but the most important thing is to feel comfortable in what you wear. Remember that bridesmaids need to take care of many last minute details that may require them to run around the venue, making sure the bride gets what she needs. So, it is important to pick a dress that allows room for these things. Your wedding is as important for your bridesmaids as it is for you, and the right dress will give them the confidence and grace to feel special to be part of such a grand moment in your life.