How to pick Autumn bridesmaid dresses 2023

Although you might not expect it, Autumn is a popular time of year for weddings. The schools are back and venues have more availability to book larger groups. It is also a fantastic season from an aesthetic point of view, with fiery reds, earthy browns and deep greens defining the autumn colour palette. 

Below you’ll find expert advice from us for picking out bridesmaid dresses that are perfect for autumnal settings. 

Autumn bridesmaid dress colours 

There are many things we all associate with autumn which are important to keep in mind when looking to buy bridesmaid dresses. Leaves changing colour, cosy nights in, hot drinks, and of course Halloween are all examples that can influence your choice.  

Rich colours 

As mentioned, autumn brings an exciting new range of colours that translate wonderfully to a bridal party. The traditional palette includes vibrant reds, oranges and yellows which can be stunning. However, these colours are not a requirement for autumn bridesmaid dresses by any means. Green, blue, purple and pink jewel tones can work brilliantly too, so long as they are paired with the right complementary colours. 

Fabric choice 

As we get further into autumn, especially in certain parts of the UK, temperatures begin to drop. Heavier dress fabrics like satin can add additional insulation to keep your bridal party warm during the event even after the sun goes down.  

Venue look 

It can be easy to forget to consider the wedding venue when buying bridesmaid dresses, however, this can have just as much impact as the time of year. For example, full length bridesmaid dresses are going to look right at home in a setting with lots of stonework such as a church. 


For the same practical reasons as the choice of fabric, dress sleeve length is an important consideration. Longer sleeves will help keep your party warm well into the evening whilst also adding an extra dimension of style. Do note that certain bridesmaid dress styles will be better suited to long sleeves than others. 

Maids to Measure stock a variety of bridesmaid dresses that perfectly evoke the colour of the season. This includes sage green bridesmaid dresses, olive green bridesmaid dresses and more. We even have some new burnt orange bridesmaid dresses which are a perfect fit for occasions held in September, October and November.  

Buy bridesmaid dresses for Autumn  

Autumn is a brilliant season to have a wedding. The air is crisp and the whole feel of the event can be very romantic. With the Maids to Measure range at your disposable, your bridal party will be able to embody this time of year in all its beauty. Contact us today to book an appointment at our showroom.