How to match jewellery to a wedding dress?

Choosing the right jewellery to match your wedding dress often gets forgotten about until the last moment. When you’ve put so much energy into finding a gown, picking accessories can feel overwhelming - after all, it could make or break your dress. It might not be as tough as you think though; our top tips for picking your wedding jewellery will take you a step closer to saying 'I do' to the perfect accessories for your big day.

Start with sentimental

If you've got an item of jewellery that means something to you, and you know you want to wear it on your wedding day, then start with that. What better reason to choose a piece than having a personal connection to it.

Heirloom pieces are having a resurgence - not only do they tick the box for sustainable fashion, but they're also timeless. When you look back at your wedding photography, you'll see something meaningful and not the latest Pinterest craze.

Wearing something borrowed is also a great way of including someone who can't be there on your wedding day. Having that connection can really add to the way you feel on the day, especially if you're missing an important person.

Once you've chosen the 'must have' pieces, think about how you can add to them. Don't feel like you've got to match everything perfectly, 'jewellery sets' can look outdated.

Consider your neckline

When it comes to choosing bridal jewellery, it's got to complement the dress. The right jewellery can elevate your gown, but done badly it can be a distraction.

Sweetheart or strapless

The big decision with a sweetheart and strapless neckline is whether to fill the space with a necklace or let your décolletage be the focal point.

This really comes down to how ornate your dress is - if your neckline is already embellished, then drop the necklace and go for a pair of statement earrings instead.   

Your hairstyle on the day will narrow down your choice of earrings. A pair of diamond studs work well under long, tousled locks, but if you're going for an up-do, then don't be afraid to try something bolder, like a dazzling pair of chandelier earrings.

V neckline

V necklines work really well with long necklaces - a locket, pendant, or even pearls. With all this room to play with, you could combine your necklace with matching earrings.

Picking out detailing in your dress is a great way of choosing your jewellery. Pearls are a great example of this; we like these mini hoops with detachable pearls from Freya Rose. A favourite with the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, these earrings are chic, elegant and everything you would expect from a royal style icon.

Our pearl gold hoop earrings are a popular choice for brides looking for a similar style.

Halter neck (or reverse halter) 

High necklines are all about the earrings and hair accessories, and there are an exciting range of choices out there. Headbands are making a comeback in place of flower crowns, but if that's not your style then a hair clip or slide might be what you need.

Pro tip: if you decide to opt for a decorative hair clip, why not share the look with your bridesmaids for a subtle way of tying together your bridal party.  

Coordinating your colours

When it comes to coordinating metal colours, let your judgement guide you. Don't get hung up on trying to make sure your wedding ring, engagement ring, and your bridal jewelry all match. Ultimately, you'll know what looks right - and what doesn't!

Different coloured wedding dresses bring out the best in certain tones of metal. As a general rule of thumb, stylists offer this advice:

  • ivory and champagne-coloured dresses look best with gold
  • pure white dresses work well with silver, platinum, and pearl  
  • diamond white suits yellow gold, rose gold, silver, and pearls

This is a rough guide to complementing the colour of your wedding gown, but don't let it hold you back. If your dress is ivory, but you've got your heart set on a pair of pearl drop earrings, then do what works best for you.

Do what feels right

There's a lot to be said for doing what feels right. Break all the rules if you have to, but above all be comfortable and intentional in your choices. If you don't normally wear a lot of jewellery, then don't choose your wedding day to try something new.

You want to feel like the best version of you on the day, so do what you normally would but with a little extra sparkle - you'll feel confident and look fabulous.

If there's a piece you really want to try, then you could switch up your wedding jewelry for the evening reception. This is your opportunity to wear a pair of diamond earrings or a statement necklace, that would look out of place anywhere else!

Bridal jewellery trends 2021/22

If you're still stuck for inspiration, check out the top bridal jewellery trends this season:

  1. Vintage family heirlooms
  2. Drop earrings
  3. The 90s chocker necklace
  4. Traditional pearls
  5. Sleek bracelet designs

Stylists predict that the next few years will see brides 'go big or go home'. So many weddings have had to be postponed multiple times that there's a real desire from people to make it count as they put the finishing touches to their day (again).

When you're choosing jewellery to match your wedding dress, think about investing in pieces that you might want to wear again. Bridal jewellery that has significance is a wonderful way of remembering your big day every time you wear it.